The Supervisory Board of Eesti Energia approved the new Management Board


This Thursday, the Supervisory Board of Eesti Energia approved the composition of the Management Board, which will lead the company from April 1.

From April, Kelli Toss-Kaasik will be responsible for sales of customer solutions and service in the board of Eesti Energia, Marlen Tamm will be the financial manager, and Kristjan Kuhi will be the development manager of the group's energy solutions, Raine Pajo will be responsible for the group's strategic development projects and research activities. The Chairman of the Board Andrus Durejko will be the CEO of the group.

"Eesti Energia's goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2045 means the need to build new environmentally friendly production capacities, offer customers comprehensive energy solutions, increase the share of digitalization and adopt new technologies. The team thanks the Supervisory Board for trust and is fully committed to the implementation of the company's strategy," said Andrus Durejko, Chairman of the Management Board.

"Supervisory Board of Eesti Energia wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the management of the company in order to fulfill its ambitious goals, while maintaining the existing core competences. Andrus Durejko has put together a well-balanced and highly motivated team, which has all the prerequisites to lead Eesti Energia towards a carbon-neutral energy future," said Anne Mere, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Andrus Durejko has been working as the Chairman of the Management Board of Ericsson Eesti AS since 2018, before that he worked in various positions at Ericsson, the provider of mobile communication solutions and equipment, including as a member of the board of Ericsson Eesti AS in the field of technology and as the regional director of Ericsson Ukraine in the field of mobile core networks. He has been a member of the management board of Ericsson Eesti AS since 1999.

Kelli Toss-Kaasik joined Eesti Energia in 2007, she was active in different roles in the field of human resource management, in 2019-2021 she was the leader of the Eesti Energia HR partner team. From 2021, Toss-Kaasik has been the company's customer experience manager, being responsible for the development of the customer journey, e-channels and service processes.

Marlen Tamm has been involved in the financial field of Eesti Energia group since 2012. From 2021, she has been the head of the company's management accounting. Previously, Tamm worked at Swedbank, including as the head of finances of company's Baltic IT unit.

Kristjan Kuhi has worked for 13 years in the global Ericsson in various roles, including as a global expert in the fields of energy and IoT. He has been a member of the EVS/TK 58 Smart Grid technical committee, a member of the expert council of HARNO IT Academy, a member of the IT faculty council of TalTech, a member of the ICT professional standards workgroup, and a mentor of start-up companies.

Raine Pajo has been a Member of the Board of Eesti Energia since 2006, he worked in several different roles and businesses, including the management of large-scale power industry. Most recently, as a member of the board, Pajo was responsible for energy security, asset management, environment and development projects. In the years 2000-2006, Pajo worked in various roles at Elering (former Põhivõrk OÜ).

Hando Sutter's mandate as Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia will end on 31 March according to his current contract. Andri Avila, Margus Vals and Agnes Roos also have their contracts as members of the management board ending on 31 March.