The average electricity bill of Eesti Energia's household customers fell to the summer level


The average electricity bill issued to a home customer of Eesti Energia in October was 45 euros, which is 13% lower than the average in September and at a similar level to June. Thanks to the energy benefits, Eesti Energia's customers were able to save nearly 4 million euros on their October bills.

According to Agnes Roos, a Member of the Board of Eesti Energia, three factors were behind the lower bills: the launch of the universal service, the decreased stock exchange price and state energy compensations.

"The impact of energy compensations on bills is without a doubt the biggest impact of the three. The important thing is that all customers receive compensation regardless of whether they are on the universal service or in another package," explained Roos.

The subsidy applies if the price of electricity exceeds 8 s/kWh and the amount of compensation is up to 5 s/kWh (prices are without VAT). The electricity subsidy is automatically reflected on the electricity bill, and the customer does not have to do anything for it.

To date, nearly 136,000 of Eesti Energia's home customers have decided to switch to universal service. According to Roos, most of them were previously in the electricity package with the stock exchange price, and the decision came easily, because although the price of the universal service produced from oil shale is not cheap, it gives confidence and peace of mind before the upcoming winter.

"29,000 customers decided to give up the universal service offer sent to them and stay with the previous package. In particular, they have been customers of the exchange package because they believe they can make price fluctuations work in their favor. Compared to the universal service, the average exchange price currently remains at a higher level but allows you to schedule your electricity consumption for hours with a cheaper price. This is how users of smart consumption management solutions can often enjoy cheaper prices," said Roos.

If the stock market price is close to zero, like on the early morning of November 11 between 2 and 6, it is possible, for example, to charge a full electric car or a home electricity storage device to use electricity at a more expensive time. There are many ways to optimize consumption, and if you act skillfully, it can bring considerable savings to the customer.

Roos emphasizes that in the flurry of subsidies, packages, and prices, one should not forget the simple truth that the most affordable electricity is unconsumed electricity, that is, the emphasis should be placed on finding places to save energy.

"Although the state and electricity sellers have done a lot to help consumers, the motivation to move towards a more energy-efficient life should not be lost. If you manage to save even one kilowatt-hour of electricity through smarter consumption, the effect is multiple, because in addition to the saved electricity costs, the network fee, electricity excise tax and renewable energy fee will also be reduced."

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