Eesti Energia's customers have until tomorrow to make a decision about the universal service


A third of Eesti Energia's customers have received a universal service offering. Dajana Tiitsaar, Eesti Energia’s head of customer services in the Estonian market, reminds that the decision to withdraw or accept the universal service offering can be made until the end of tomorrow.

“People for whom the universal service is a more affordable solution when comparing the last few months automatically received a universal service offering from Eesti Energia. Customers have had enough time to think about whether to accept the offer or reject it. Nothing needs to be done to accept a better offer. If a customer of Eesti Energia does not wish to take the universal service, it is possible to withdraw from the offer until the end of Wednesday, 12 October. It is possible to do so in Eesti Energia's e-service, on the customer service line 777 4040, as well as in Omniva’s post offices all over Estonia,” Tiitsaar explained.

If you do not withdraw from the offer,the universal service price of 19.24 s/kWh, plus a monthly fee of €1.99, will apply to you retroactively from 1 October. It is possible to exit the universal service later at any time if desired.

If you withdraw from the offer, you will not be transferred from 1 October and your current electricity package will remain in effect. It is possible to subscribe to the universal service later at any time, if you wish, by changing your electricity package. The possibility is open until March 2026.

Nearly 130,000 household customers of Eesti Energia automatically received the universal service offering, of whom 90,000 use exchange price packages and 40,000 use fixed-price packages. As of 11 October, 15,300 customers have withdrawn from the offer, being nearly 12% of all those who received it.

5,100 customers who have not received an automatic offering but still want the universal service have also decided in favour of it.

Tiitsaar emphasizes that the price of the universal service may change over time, and it is worth keeping this in mind when making a decision: “It makes sense for customers using exchange price packages to switch to the universal service before winter. Customers who have long-term fixed-price packages at 19-20 cents should consider the decision, because if they give up their current conditions, they cannot move back to the same ones later.”

The easiest way for the customers of Eesti Energia to perform operations is in the e-service of Eesti Energia. In addition, assistance is available via the customer service line 777 4040 and at the e-mail address [email protected].

“We have increased our number of consultants significantly and are ready to answer all questions. In addition to this option and e-service, Eesti Energia’s customers can receive advice on the universal service through the network of Omniva post offices. At the post offices, anyone can check whether they have been offered the service, submit requests to subscribe to Eesti Energia's universal service or opt out.

Household customers will receive energy support regardless of their chosen electricity package

From 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2023, household consumers will receive a national electricity price subsidy. 

The support applies if their electricity price exceeds 8 c/kWh, and up to 5 c/kWh will be compensated (excluding VAT). The subsidy will be automatically added to electricity bills, customers don't have to do anything extra.  

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