Changes to the reporting calendar of Eesti Energia AS


Eesti Energia AS will publish its 2020 audited annual report on 8 April 2021, instead of previously announced date of 26 February, 2021. On 26 February 2021 Eesti Energia will publish the unaudited 2021 annual report together with the investor presentation. Investor presentation call-in details will be published in February 2021. Delay in the disclosure date of the audited annual report is due to IFRS review conducted as a part of the auditing process. Eesti Energia will notify the publishing of the 2020 audited annual report via London Stock Exchange on 8 April 2021.

Tomorrow, on 28 January 2021, Eesti Energia will publish its preliminary main operational figures for the 2020 calendar year in a separate London Stock Exchange notice.

Rasmus Noormägi
Head of Investor Relations and Treasury
Eesti Energia AS
Tel +372 465 2885
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