Eesti Energia establishes a new free market network services company Enefit Connect


On January 1, 2021, the new service company Enefit Connect will start operating in the Eesti Energia Group. It will manage electricity networks and great part of street lighting network in Estonia, build internet network, develop charging network for electric cars and offer its clients new energy solutions based on contemporary technology. The current network company of the group, Elektrilevi, will only offer the electricity distribution network service regulated by the state. Creating a new company will not bring any changes for Elektrilevi's network service customers.

The aim of the amendment is to allow the provision of regulated distribution network services to focus on its strength, and for services based on free market logic to bring new value based on modern technology to the customer.

“Elektrilevi will continue to offer its customers a high-quality and reasonably priced electricity distribution network service, which we will continually develop year after year, making the electricity network more weatherproof. Enefit Connect wants to bring new useful solutions to the market, which will be beneficial both for customers and society in general. With this change, we can maintain and add new products and services that the customer expects, but which the regulated company would soon no longer be able to offer,” Hando Sutter, the Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia Group, explained the reasons for establishing the new company.

Jaanus Tiisvend, the head of the current network company, will become the Chairman of the Board of Enefit Connect. Companies have separate Supervisory Boards to ensure transparency. The role of the Supervisory Boards is to plan the company's activities, organize management and supervise the activities of the Management Board.

Jaanus Tiisvend, who will be the head of Enefit Connect from January 1, is satisfied with Elektrilevi's achievements so far, but admitted that there is even more potential as a free market company.

"In addition to the electricity infrastructure, Elektrilevi has started managing street lighting networks, charging network, internet network and providing other services necessary for customers. Clear synergies have emerged from the effective co-management of all these networks, and the resulting price gains have reached our customers directly. The price of network service has dropped by about 20 percent compared to 3 years ago. We have been able to provide services to society to an extent that would not have been possible without such scale effect. It is important to maintain and develop this value,” knows Tiisvend.

"In the new company, we can maintain and amplify the benefits already created for customers and society, and at the same time provide many other new solutions that the distribution network, according to regulations, could not offer in the future. In addition to the charging infrastructure for electric cars covering the whole of Estonia, examples include special solutions based on batteries and storage technology to ensure security of supply or smaller microgrids. They provide the customer with price savings and offer the solutions based on the new technology that customers expect. We have the competence and ability to offer them internationally as well,” Tiisvend added.

Creating a new company will not bring any changes for Elektrilevi distribution network service customers and customers will not have to do anything in connection with the change.