With Enefit Power, a new era in energy production begins in Ida-Viru County


In 2021, Eesti Energia's production in Ida-Viru County will be joined under one roof - Enefit Kaevandused and Enefit Energiatootmine will merge into a new company called Enefit Power. The new company will focus on making energy production cleaner and more efficient and become the center of the circular economy.

"Merging the Estonia underground mine and the Narva quarry with our electricity and liquid fuel production into one company - Enefit Power - provides more flexibility in the common value chain, increases competitiveness and provides a holistic view of large-scale energy development," said Raine Pajo, the Member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia.

"We have a clear goal to reduce the CO2 intensity of energy production. In addition to the development of renewable energy, we will focus on increasing the volume of cogeneration of liquid fuels and electricity which creates more added value in our production, and on the use of alternative fuels, including wood waste. By reducing the use of oil shale, our carbon emissions have decreased almost three times in the last two years,” added Pajo.

The goal of the new company is to grow into a locomotive of the Estonian circular economy and to use alternative fuels in the production of liquid fuels: old tires and potentially waste plastics, thus solving environmental problems. Mine-waste or limestone generated in mines has a good potential to be used more as a filling material for the groundwork of large infrastructure objects, oil shale ash is proving to be a valuable raw material in other industries.

"Among other things, the merger of companies will ensure sustainable development and overall responsibility, and employees will also feel more clearly what their role is in the value chain and see that their work has a specific business result," Pajo explained.

He added that the company's new name, Enefit Power, is positively charged, marking the strength of the field and the people. "Miners and energy workers are the people who have the power and whose work creates value. We will do everything we can to create the best, cleanest and most efficient energy solutions for people. ”

Enefit Power will become an employer for 1,500 people. The recruitment process of the head of the new company is in progress. Enefit Solutions, which provides services to mines, power plants and oil plants, will continue to deal with asset management of large-scale energy production and will soon want to start providing wind turbine maintenance as well.