The updated website of Enefit Volt helps you find the most suitable smart charger for your home


Starting today, Enefit Volt is offering a comprehensive home charging service together with a smart charger selection assistant and installation. You can find the new options on the website

Enefit Volt's virtual charger selection assistant takes into account the customer's needs, car capacity and home electrical solution, automatically selecting the most suitable of the chargers on offer. With an optional dynamic load control accessory, the smart charger monitors the house's electricity use in real time and directs all free unused capacity to electric car charger. In this way, the car can be charged as quickly and safely as possible without having to make additional expenses to strengthen the home's electrical network or fear of blowing the fuses.

Enefit Volt home charging is the first full-service electric car charging solution for household customers, which includes selecting the most suitable smart charger, installation and round-the-clock customer support.

The chargers on offer are future-proof and smart, providing new functionalities to the customers, and they are compatible with the mobile application coming soon. The chargers are available in three capacities: 7.4KW, 11KW, 22KW.  

Along with the new service, the enefitvolt.comwebsite was updated, where it is now possible to separately browse home and business solutions as well as public charging options.

Any feedback on the updated website and use of services is very welcome at our e-mail address [email protected].