Agnes Roos will become the fifth member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia


The Supervisory Board of Eesti Energia has decided that Agnes Roos, who will be responsible for customer experience as well as strategic management of business and information technology in the Group, will start working as a new member of the Management Board of the company on December 1.

Hando Sutter, the Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia, said that the company's priority is to provide customers with useful energy solutions and exceptional customer experience based on digitalization. "Agnes Roos's wide-ranging experience and extensive knowledge of information technology are providing a good foundation for effective customer experience management and development," said Sutter.

Agnes Roos is currently the Head of Business and Information Technology at Eesti Energia and is seeing a great potential in developing new products. "Customer experience has been always close to my heart. Moreover, it is increasingly dependent on information technology today. I believe that the success of our customer services also depends on how we are able to realize our IT opportunities in optimal and easily scalable way in Eesti Energia's home markets,” said Roos.

The current Head of Customer Services, Jüri Teemant, has decided to leave Eesti Energia. Hando Sutter thanked Mr Teemant for his excellent work at Eesti Energia and wished him success in his new ventures.

As of December 1 this year, the Management Board of Eesti Energia will consist of Hando Sutter, the Chairman of the Management Board, Andri Avila, the Financial Director, Margus Vals, the Head of Development, Raine Pajo, the Head of Large-Scale Energy Production, and Agnes Roos, who is responsible for the Customer Experience and Business and Information Technology. The service contracts of the Members of the Management Board will expire at the end of March 2023.

Eesti Energia Group has more than 20 companies. The Group employs approximately 5,000 people. Eesti Energia is the largest energy producer in the Baltic States, including one of the largest producers of renewable energy. The company produces electricity from oil shale, wind, water, solar energy, biomass and mixed municipal waste.

In addition to Estonia, Eesti Energia operates in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Jordan, the United States, Finland and Sweden.