Eesti Energia mobile app has again received international recognition


The Great Britain magazine Capital Finance International has recognized the mobile app of Eesti Energia with the award “2017 Best Energy-Saving App Baltic Award”. The award was granted for creating services and solutions in the field of IT that are cutting-edge and value customer convenience.

Eesti Energia energy sales Estonian market leader Jaak Jõgi was pleased that the app developed in co-operation with ASA Quality Services and Netgroup has again received international recognition. “It is possible to view your consumption history, make comparisons and keep an eye on the exchange price on the Eesti Energia app. Whole Estonia has been transferred to remotely operated hour-based electricity meters, which is why information about electricity consumption reaches the app automatically, without the customer having to do anything. The easiness of using the app brings our customers that are interested in their consumption often back to the app. Compared to the average Estonian app, 20 000 unique users a month is definitely a strong result,” said Jõgi.

Eesti Energia has updated their app in the end of last year and offers now the possibility to observe electricity consumption also for business clients. The app displays the exchange price of electricity of the following day and electricity consumers can plan their consumption according to the market price of electricity, for example by timing their equipment to work when the price of electricity is the cheapest. “Every kilowatt-hour saved at the expense of consumption, directly reflects on your electricity bill. The estimated effect on the bill of decreasing electricity consumption may be up to 20%. Therefore, Eesti Energia app is a useful hand for managing your consumption,” explained Jõgi.

A year ago, Eesti Energia app was chosen at the World Government Summitil to be the best mobile service in the category of environment.


Briefly about the mobile app of Eesti Energia

Eesti Energia mobile app is described as simple, clear and user-friendly. Each user can add their favourite info on the home page: for example their electricity consumption, current state of the bill and electricity exchange price. On the home page of the app, it is possible to display all places of consumption that are in your name. This way you can quickly and easily get an overview of the electricity consumption and bills of all households and businesses from one place. On the updated app, it is possible to view with hourly accuracy how the consumption of electricity has changed in time and compare your consumption per week, month or year. This way the user can see exactly how for example increase in the household, more energy efficient appliances or the begging of the heating season have influenced the bill.

This smart application is available for all private and business clients of Eesti Energia. Business clients can log in to the app using Mobile-ID, private customers also with their reference number or personal identification number.

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