Eesti Energia enters the solar energy business


Eesti Energia will become the only enterprise in Estonia to offer its customers the option of consuming solar-powered energy produced without self financing. Customers will also have the option of acquiring a complete solution from Eesti Energia and to start producing solar energy themselves.

According to the Head of Energy Sales of Eesti Energia, Karla Agan, from this autumn Eesti Energia will offer two different solutions for starting the production of solar electricity to its major business clients, from which clients can choose the solution that best meets their needs.

“We will offer a new, unique complete service in Estonia that will enable consumers to utilise solar energy without self financing. The business operator may concentrate solely on its main business and leave everything related to solar energy production to Eesti Energia. The client only has to pay for the electricity to be produced on the basis of the agreed price,” said Agan. The first solar power plant will be built by Enefit Taastuvenergia, Eesti Energia’s renewable energy subsidiary, on the roof of the dairy farm of OÜ Estonia in Järva county.

Companies that wish to invest in the equipment necessary for producing solar energy can acquire from Eesti Energia the top-class equipment, which has passed a careful selection procedure. Eesti Energia will also ensure a smooth process from design of the solar power plant to its final adjustment and delivery for production. Eesti Energia will look after the necessary building permits and activity licences as well as the documentation for connection to the network. Interested parties can find more detailed information on the Eesti Energia website.

Solar electricity reduces the energy costs of clients, as there aren’t any network charges in consuming locally-produced electricity. By consuming solar energy, consumers will also reduce their ecological footprints. Solar panels attached to a roof also help to enhance the energy class of a building and are a step closer towards compliance with the requirements of nearly zero energy.

Distributed generation is a globally growing trend that supplements current central electricity production with local production units near places of consumption. The aim of building solar power plants in the location of consumers is to increase the proportion of local electricity production in the production portfolio of Eesti Energia. The strategic goal of Eesti Energia is to increase its share of alternative and renewable sources of energy in electricity production to 40% by 2020..

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