Energy market overview in July 2014

Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian electricity Day-Ahead market prices at a nine-month-high in July. Finnish market area Day-Ahead prices highest since January. Baltic state hourly prices exceeded 200 euros during several July hours. Natural gas futures’ prices stayed comparatively high throughout July. Price of crude oil fell considerably in July. Kiisa second Emergency Reserve Power Plant in Estonia completed three months ahead of schedule. Estonian transmission system operator Elering promises to increase the amount and capacity of cross-border risk-reducing instruments. Eesti Energia doubled its shale oil sales Latvia created a social support status for household electricity expenditures.

Electricity Day-Ahead prices continued to be affected by production plant and transmission line maintenances in July. Carbon dioxide stayed at a multiple month high throughout July. July maintenance period for EstLink-2 lifted Estonian electricity prices. Little precipitation and hot weather may decrease hydro reservoir levels. Ample supply on the market decreased crude oil price. Dollar strengthened significantly against the euro.

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