Energy market overview February 2014

Electricity Day-Ahead Estonian market prices fell to year-and-a-half low. Latvian and Lithuanian Day-Ahead prices stay on level same as January. Electricity futures’ prices reached a long-term low-point. Gas futures’ market prices up compared to January. EstLink-2 officially taken over from builders. Eesti Energia improved electricity sales to wholesale markets by 118%. Latvian government postponed household electricity market opening to next year. Latvian regulator has approved a new Mandatory Purchase Obligation (MPO).

Warmer-than-average weather dominating February lowered electricity Future and Day-Ahead prices. Hydro reservoir capacity stayed high, supporting electricity market price fall. Generally high wind power generation also decreased Day-Ahead market prices. Carbon emission rights’ prices increased heavily throughout February. Crude oil market price stayed high compared to January. Dollar exchange rate weakened considerably, supporting oil price

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