Opinion of our service processes and channels remains high


Each month we conduct a survey among almost 1,300 customers to receive direct feedback concerning the quality of our service. The results of our surveys this year show that customers’ evaluation of our service processes and channels remains very good.

From March to July, the average grade given by customers for our service processes on a five-point scale was 4.1, and our service channels received 4.2 points. Customers also graded our electrical work services (4.4 points), customer office services (4.4 points), debt consultants (4.4 points) and telephone customer service (4.3 points). Since we have now managed to solve the billing problems that occurred at the beginning of the year, the customers’ feedback concerning our billing process has also improved considerably.

We have been asking the customers who have turned to us or whom we have contacted ourselves within the last month. We ask each customer to specifically assess the particular process or channel that he or she has experienced.