Electricity market in July 2013

Electricity price in Estonia decreased by 24.7% in July, comparing to previous month, reaching 40.2 €/MWh. In Finland, price decreased by 4.1%, averaging at 37.0 €/MWh. The average price of Latvian bidding area decreased by 9.7% to 49.2 €/MWh. Electricity price in Lithuania decreased by 10.3% to 49.2 €/MWh.

The Nordic hydro reservoir levels remained between 67-72% of the maximum. Crude oil end of month closing price turned out to 107.7 $/bbl. Carbon permits price monthly increase was 3%. German 2014 base energy contract month closing price was 36.61 €/MWh. Coal price continuously decreasing, price closed at 84.2 $/t.

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