Eesti Energia completed a pilot plant in Frankfurt

Eesti Energia’s subsidiary Enefit Outotec Technology opened a unique pilot plant in Frankfurt, based on Enefit technology, in which it is possible to test oil production from oil shale of different origins. The first tests in the pilot plant shall be conducted using Estonian oil shale, with the first shale oil being produced from Estonian oil shale. In the near future, tests with oil shale from Utah and Jordan shall begin.

According to Sandor Liive, the head of Eesti Energia, the purpose of the pilot plant is to test Enefit technology in the processing of different types of oil shale, gather data for adapting the technology, and produce shale oil trial consignments for analyses. “Opening the pilot plant is a very important milestone for development projects. We have produced oil from both Jordan and Utah oil shale in smaller test equipment, but the bigger the device, the more faithful the test result. According to this data, we can assess what developments should be made to the technology in order to adapt it to the different types of oil shale. The pilot plant significantly increases our capability to provide Enefit technology to clients all over the world,” said Sandor Liive, Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia.

At today’s oil shale symposium, EOT engineer Richard Sherritt talked about activating a pilot plant based on Enefit technology. The designing of the pilot plant began in 2010, construction preparation started at the beginning of 2012. The pilot plant uses up to 300 kg of oil shale per hour to produce shale oil.

Estonian engineers, operators, and researchers have developed Enefit technology for over 60 years. Today, Enefit technology is the most effective shale oil technology with the world’s highest unit capacity and lowest environmental impact, utilising up to 90% of the energy contained in oil shale to produce oil, gas, and electricity.

The joint venture of Eesti Energia and technology company Outotec, Enefit Outotec Technology, is located in Frankfurt, Germany. The company, with nine employees, was founded in 2009. Enefit Outotec Technology develops and markets Enefit technology and its processes for producing oil, gas, and electricity from oil shale and other raw materials that contain hydrocarbons.

Eliis Vennik
Eesti Energia
Press Officer
[email protected]