Enefit’s liquid fuel production and sales were a record high

Last year, Eesti Energia Oil and Gas produced and sold the largest quantity of shale oil so far. In 2012, Eesti Energia Oil and Gas produced 211 075 tonnes of liquid fuels, which is 14% more than in the previous year. The sale of fuels reached a record high with more than 203 100 tonnes sold, which also presents an increase of 14%.

The increase in production is due to the high reliability (82.5%) of the Eneft140 oil plant, which has almost doubled when compared to the situation five years ago.

“This excellent result is the outcome of five years of determined work to increase the reliability of the equipment thanks to the development of new technological solutions and the optimisation of maintenance activities. The goal and the eventual outcome were to significantly accelerate maintenance activities,” says Igor Kond, Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia Oil and Gas. According to him, the one of the most significant factors in achieving such excellent results were the quick and effective maintenance activities and major overhauls done at the 30 year old oil plant, which uses Eneft140 technology. “Thanks to this, our production over the last five years has nearly doubled,” the chairman added.

The high price of fuel oil on the global market also helped to achieve good economic results. Last year, the price of heavy fuel oil was EUR 515.7 per tonne, which is 13% higher than in 2012, when the average price was EUR 456.6 per tonne.

Eesti Energia Oil and Gas sells fuel oils produced from oil shale for different applications. The products have a low sulphur content and low viscosity. Besides fuel oil, Eesti Energia Oil Industry also produces retort gas that is used for electricity production at Narva Power Plants. The main consumers of Eesti Energia Oil Industry products are heating and power companies, road building companies, agricultural producers as well as ship fuel producers and sellers.

Enefit technology consolidates experience in industrial oil production collected over a 100-year history of oil shale processing in Estonia. Engineers at Eesti Energia Oil and Gas have been developing the process for over 30 years.

Enefit produces more than a million barrels of shale oil from oil shale annually. Oil shale mining and the generation and distribution of energy entail environmental impacts, and Enefit is working actively with science and research agencies to reduce these impacts. It is maintaining and rehabilitating mining areas, has reduced the use of water in the process of producing liquid fuels, etc.

Eliis Vennik
Eesti Energia
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