Social responsibility

As a large industrial business, we are aware of the impact of our operations on our surroundings. We are aware of our liability in this impact. In our daily operations, we care about our employees, customers, the natural environment and other stakeholders.

We have contributed to the development of society through meaningful support activities, invested not only money but also the time and the knowledge of our employees.


Education and research

Society and Eesti Energia need a real scientific world view and innovative thinking. Our goal is to raise the interest of young people in the field of energy and to contribute to the widespread of energy knowledge. Supported projects »


Our main production units and over 70% of the staff are located in Ida-Viru County. The welfare of the region is therefore a matter of concern to us. We have supported initiatives and activities that are important for the local community and improve the life of the people in the region. Supported projects »

Narva Energy Run - the biggest health sport event in Ida-Virumaa

Narva Energy Run is the biggest health sport event in Ida-Virumaa. The event brings about 5,000 sports fans to the area every year. The sporting day has benefited the locals as well as people all over Estonia and beyond. In Energy Run, you can run or walk shorter distances or participate in a half marathon. In addition, there are always activities for children at the event. During the Narva Energy Run, Estonian champions have been determined every year for 21 km.

We promote and maintain a network of health trails

We have provided free recreational sports facilities for the people of Estonia all year around. In cooperation with Merko Ehitus and Swedbank we have made sure that the health trails are in good order and lit. As a result of our joint efforts, there are now over 100 health trails in Estonia.

Some of the health trails are indoors and specially made for office employees. With this, we want to set an example to other companies. Eesti Energia has almost 500 employees in its head office alone who work on a computer every day. For a number of years we have invited these employees to use the staircase instead of the lift and provided them with various sports opportunities. In our latest recreational sports initiative, the employees of Eesti Energia covered over 50,000 flights of stairs and 15,000 kilometres.

We have revived a former industrial area in Aidu

We restore the areas that we no longer use and return them to the local people and environment in the best possible manner. The former oil shale opencast mine at Aidu has been restored for an entirely new purpose. We helped establish the basis for a rowing course in the former mine, which was the first step toward building a future world-class water sports facility. The unique natural environment of Aidu is already attracting many visitors.

More than 4 million trees have been planted in the former Aidu opencast mine and the forests have been re-inhabited by wild animals. The 169 ha of restored fields are actively used in agriculture. The total length of canals is over 30 km.

We support education projects promoting the energy field

We want young people to link their future to the energy field. To raise and maintain interest, we support research centres closely connected to the field, and cooperate with schools and universit.

For many years we have cooperated with the Estonian Mining Museum and the Energy Discovery Centre, in order to share our knowledge about energetics and oil shale industry to pupils.

Through the Insenergia Fund we support initiatives promoting sciences and engineering education. We also organise school excursions for pupils to our production facilities and give scholarships to future professionals in the field.