Oil Shale Power Plant in Jordan

A good example of Estonia's first instance of exporting knowhow is the 554 MW oil shale power plant and open pit mine development in Jordan. In the future, this project will significantly decrease Jordan's energy dependence and will cover 10% of the country's energy needs.

Oil Shale Deposits in Utah (USA)

It is estimated that 80% of the world's oil shale stocks are in the United States. In 2011, Eesti Energia purchased an oil shale deposit in Uintah County, Utah, and its estimated volume is 6 billion tons. Currently, the project is in pre-development, which means assessing the environmental impacts of manufacturing and investigating possible engineering solutions.

We research the characteristics of oil shale in different countries

Our lengthy experience in oil shale processing is valued around the world. Besides oil shale in Estonia, Jordan and the US, the experts at Eesti Energia have provided consultation for the owners of oil shale deposits in Egypt, Israel, Thailand, India, Kazakhstan, Uruguay, Mongolia, Morocco, Serbia, Turkey and Myanmar.

Using Enefit technology laboratory equipment in Frankfurt, we have run tests on Estonian, Jordanian and US oil shale, but also Chinese oil shale, to collect data for research and planning.