Unique Enefit Technology

Eesti Energia has developed a unique technology called Enefit to produce liquid fuel from oil shale. This technology is rooted in Estonia's experience of more than 100 years of oil shale processing. Enefit technology allows all of the mined oil shale to be put to use including fine oil shale. In this way, we are able to use the oil shale more effectively, reduce the need for mining and the required area for storage.

  • The process uses its own energy. Burning gas and using residual head provides even more energy than the process needs. This is used to generate the necessary heat for the process.
  • A byproduct of the process is a high quality oil shale gas, which we use for producing electricity.
  • The ash that forms during production does not contain organic waste, is safe for the environment and can be used as raw material in construction or for cement production.
  • The oil shale pyrolysis process does not use water.

The semi-coke and oil shale gas that are the byproducts of the production process get redirected into electricity production, which means we manage to extract more than 80% of the energy that this natural resource contains. This is twice the amount that older power plant boilers could manage through pulverized combustion.

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Oil plants

The oil manufacturing branch of Eesti Energia runs two Enefit140 production units and a next generation Enefit280 oil factory. In total, we produce over 300 000 tons of low sulfur liquid fuels per year, which is consumed by heat producers, energy companies, ship fuel producers and sellers, road construction companies, agricultural companies and others.