More than 70 years of experience and references from Estonia and 50 export countries.

Comprehensive turnkey solutions and unique custom solutions.

Production area of 27 000 m2, with an annual production capacity of 12 000 t.

Geographically advantageous location on the Gulf of Finland, in the vicinity of the Port of Sillamäe.

Conformity with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 3834 standards.

Design and production

As a manufacturer of metal structures, and energy and industrial equipment, we provide a wide range of green, high-quality technological solutions for the energy and industrial sectors. We provide products to suit the client's wishes and requirements, designing them ourselves or using the client's drawings.


  • design and drawing of energy and industrial equipment
  • manufacturing metal structures and industrial equipment; mechanical engineering
  • installation and insulation of industrial equipment
  • 3-D measurement services
  • heat treatment of components
  • coating components with a layer of Xylan®

Maintenance and testing services

Maintenance services are provided by an experienced team at Enefit Solutions, who can also satisfy large orders and respond quickly to emergencies. We repair, assemble and maintain various electrical installations and industrial equipment:

  • electric motors (all output levels)
  • electrical equipment and drives
  • automation equipment
  • transformers
  • mechanical components
  • feeding systems (conveyors, mills and the like)
  • pipeline transportation systems (liquid and dry)

In addition, we provide the cleaning of industrial equipment using pressure washers, clearing of settling basins and port areas, and the calibration, adjustment and repair of various measuring instruments.

Testing division of Enefit Solutions Ltd provide checking and expert assessment of metals and welds, certification of welders and issuing of worldwide recognised certificates. Our Testing division have been accredited by the Estonian Accreditation Centre (EAK) according to standards EN ISO/IEC 17025, EN ISO/IEC 17024. We can carry out works both at the Testing division and as a mobile service at the client's location.


The Certifications Body (Atesteerimiskeskus) of Enefit Solutions Ltd is recognized as a Notified Body within the framework of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68 (EU) and certifies welders according to the requirements of this Directive.

tel: +372 46 66733, +372 46 66729

Jobs completed

In the Eesti Energia Group, Enefit Solutions is the main developer and maker of technology solutions for power plants and oil plants. Our largest customers are well-known industrial businesses from over 50 countries.

Quality and Management

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