We produce energy using non-renewable as well as renewable energy sources

Eesti Energia's power stations, wind farms and combined heat and power stations have the capacity to produce up to 12.5 TWh of energy. The maximum yearly production of Eesti Energia's power plants in Ida-Viru County amounts to as much as 12 TWh. Thanks to the smart work of the engineers at Eesti Energia, our oil shale power plants are also capable of producing electricity using alternative and renewable energy sources. For example, at our newest power plant in Auvere we can replace 50% of oil shale with renewable biomass.

We extract an increasing amount of energy from oil shale

In oil production, we produce about 400 000 tons of liquid fuel per year. The factory runs on our unique Enefit oil using combined electrical and gas cogeneration technology, which allows us to turn more than 80% of the organic matter contained in the oil shale into energy. Our production generates the least possible amount of emissions.

The byproducts, waste material and oil shale ash left over after mining and energy production all get repurposed in construction and agriculture.

We mine oil shale with less impact on the environment

Each year we mine as much as 15 million tons of oil shale. In order to reduce losses in oil shale and to minimize the environmental impact of mining, we are constantly updating and improving the technology we use. We clean up the sites where mining activities are finished to give them back to nature and the surrounding communities. For example, we have planted new forest on approximately 14 000 hectares of a former open pit mine area and created a place for water sports in Aidu.

We are developing our production technology

Our engineers work hard every day in order for the technology used by Eesti Energia in energy production to be even more efficient and environmentally responsible. We are fine-tuning, for example, oil production technology in order to produce more and better quality liquid fuel, because the higher the price on the market is, the more profit we can gain through oil production. The developments in electricity production, however, allow us to increasingly use alternative sources of energy such as wood chips, peat, coal, shredded scrap tires and oil shale gas.

We share our knowledge about oil shale around the world

Our knowledge about mining and processing oil shale is valued around the world. In Jordan, we have worked on preparations for the establishment of an oil shale open pit mine and a power plant. When this project is completed, it will cover 10% of Jordan's energy needs.