Electricity producer's contract

If you are producing or are planning to produce electricity to cover the consumption needs of your household or your company, and you wish to sell any excess electricity to Eesti Energia, you will have to sign a contract with us before you can do so.

When you produce electricity yourself then electricity is transmitted both ways through the connection point – electricity from the network is consumed if the electricity you produce does not cover your consumption needs and any excess electricity you produce is sent to the power network. Electricity consumed from the network and given to the network is measured by the network operator you sign a producer's network contract with.

A contract with Eesti Energia comes with perks

We offer our customers a variety of partner deals with preferential terms of different products and services throughout the year. The offers are valid for all private and corporate customers of Eesti Energia.

Energy efficiency tips

There is a wide range of energy-efficient lamps, household appliances and heat pumps. How can you select the best option for you? Below is information on energy saving opportunities and technical solutions for heating, lighting and thermal insulation. Find the best solutions for your home!