Shale oil

Eesti Energia sells fuel oils of various uses made from oil shale. Our products have a low sulphur content and viscosity. We mix the products according to the customer's needs and offer flexible transport solutions.

The main consumers of shale oil are:

  • Heat producers
  • Energy businesses
  • Chemical industry businesses
  • Road builders, agricultural producers and various production businesses
  • Producers and sellers of marine fuels
  • International businesses, global oil traders
  • Refiners of crude oil

Sales and information:

In order to participate in fuel oil bidding contests, the applicant shall meet the prerequisites stated in clauses 1.1-1.3, provide the documents stated in clauses 2.1-2.5 and receive a positive decision by Eesti Energia Energy Trading on listing.

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Eesti Energia liquid fuel trading department:
Lelle 22, Tallinn
11318, Estonia

Production and logistics

Enefit Energiatootmine AS - oil industry
Auvere küla, Narva-Jõesuu linn
40107, Ida-Virumaa, Estonia