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Digital services that control infrastructure management systems

Infrastructure data management service

Modern management of infrastructure company data and assets makes network management easy, transparent and reduces costs.

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What do we offer?

  • Highly qualified staff, software and IT solutions personal
  • Systematized data and asset management
  • Full service from data collection to more efficient work processes
  • Data-driven ancillary services
  • Infrastructure data management service is needed when:

    Your infrastructure company wishes to focus on core business and higher value-creating activities.

    You have no overview of network events and statuses; data is missing, fragmented or time-consuming to find.

    You wish to link your customer data and network information to ensure smoother processes and increased customer satisfaction.

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    The fixed monthly fee includes management of utility networks with metadata.


    The fixed monthly fee includes data and document management.

    What is included in the packages?

    Why choose us as your partner?

  • Long-term experience
    Our organization includes world-class data administrators and GIS specialists; we have 20 years of experience with GIS in managing a major network.
  • Experienced and growing team
    We manage Estonia's largest electricity network; we have separate data entry and IT management teams; we ensure strong competence and future employees.
  • Diverse competence
    We manage various networks together and provide cost-effective services. We use world-renowned Trimble software solutions.
  • Customers and partners

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    Thanks to the convenient complete solution, we save the time spent on software management and the recruitment of specific workforce. We can focus on our core business.

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    Additional service

    Services Standard
    The fixed monthly fee includes management of utility networks with metadata.
    The fixed monthly fee includes data and document management.
    Environment and application: GIS software, hosting, installation, security, user rights, pre-configuration
    Network sites with technical information, data model
    Bulk data entry (existing network reflection)
    Current input of embodiments
    Archive of embodiments: network drawings
    Keeping data up to date (bug fixes and repair information)
    Support services (training, consulting, IT support)
    Network capacity statistics (reports)
    Mobile field tool for viewing and editing, retrieving, navigating data (UTG)
    Connecting documents, pictures and files to the network via a mobile tool
    Data transfer to the Land Board
    Connection data and points (customer data and metering equipment), interface with the customer information system
    Management of personal use agreements (areas and conditions by region)
    Network management module (customer outage calculations), OMS module
    Network normal (equipment states), route cross-sections and calculation of network parameters
    Failure statistics and customer inquiry procedure
    Topology monitoring with a mobile tool (UTG)
    SMS notifications to customers (interruptions)
    Customer inquiry portal (procedure and reply with map application), feedback
    Additional services (by agreement)
  • Construction work procedure, documentation, workflows;
  • Issuing route location data to partners, designers, builders or landowners;
  • Project coordination.