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Infrastructure data management service

We provide an infrastructure network management service that makes asset management more transparent, allows to improve the service quality and to reduce costs. We have 20 years of GIS-related experience in managing large networks.

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Metering service

We offer a software service for remote reading of metering data together with monitoring and data analysis.

The metering service is intended for thermal energy companies, facilitating the exchange of data within the network and monitoring from the delivery of readings from metering devices connected to the network to the analysis of network reliability and the transfer of readings to billing. .

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Electricity test for network company

The unique digital service is intended for power network companies whose customers can use it to determine the load of their main circuit breakers by means of a remote reader.

The test helps the customer to determine whether their home network needs optimisation and whether the selected main circuit breaker is of a suitable size.

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Why collaborate with us?

We are experts

We manage 64,000 km of power lines, 24,000 substations and 500,000 customers on a daily basis. We have considerable experience as a provider of quality service.

Our knowledge covers everything related to the energy sector

Our group includes more than 20 companies in six countries. We have the knowledge from electricity generation to distribution.

Systems integration and big data analysis

Our measurement and network data can be used in various business processes, and the technology can be applied outside.

Smart meter deployment know-how

We successfully introduced 650,000 smart meters during the period of 2012-2017, making the lives of Estonian people significantly easier and more convenient.

Test system based approach

Estonia can be considered the chief country in digitalisation and one of the most developed digital societies in the world. We wish to be a leader in digital solutions both here and elsewhere.

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Infrastructure management service

The infrastructure management service makes property management easier and more transparent, allowing to raise the service quality while lowering the costs. Our organization employs data managers and GIS specialists, and we have 20 years of GIS experience in managing a large network.

The infrastructure management service offers various possibilities, from data mapping to systematised data management and offering additional data-based services.

Infrastructure management service is needed, if:

  • you lack an overview of network events and conditions
  • the lack of data has led to growing time and travel costs
  • the data is fragmented and finding it is time consuming
  • there is no relationship between investment and property
  • customers and network have not been linked together.
  • The infrastructure management service includes:

  • a volume-based data management service with software and data hosting service
  • additional services based on data management according to the chosen volume
  • flexible pricing model for investments
  • support service from our engineers
  • software use consulting and training
  • Available additional services:

  • transferring utility line data to the Land Board
  • showing utility line locations in the nature
  • providing location data
  • navigation service – points of interest
  • project coordination service
  • document management service (archiving)
  • schematics management (CAD)
  • customer request processing
  • work management and documentation system
  • reports (analysis of volumes, alerts, conditions, etc.)
  • Measuring service

    More and more network companies (electricity, heat, gas, water) are moving from locally read meters to automatic meter reading.

    Measuring service helps to solve important bottlenecks in the work of a network company:

  • cost of measuring data collection and access to the data
  • cost of measurement error imbalance
  • balance cost of meter faults
  • need to monitor customer modes and network condition parameters
  • creating a choice of network fees and tariffs
  • monitoring the fulfilment of contractual obligations
  • forwarding the readings to settlement
  • Measuring service is mainly meant for heating companies, facilitating the network's internal exchange of data and monitoring from bringing the readings from networked measuring devices to the analysis of the network's reliability and forwarding the readings to settlement.

    Measuring service allows:

  • automatic meter reading of measuring points (hour data – 8 registers)
  • automatic transfer of measuring data to the settlement system
  • monitoring the customer's heating mode
  • to quickly discover possible leaks, and faults in meters and customer installations
  • detect interference in measured data and direct their removal
  • The service allows monitoring the network performance in real time. It helps to lower the costs of reading collection and processing, and the operating cost losses from faults and balance differences. Forwarding hour data improves customer satisfaction, which helps to grow the company's value.

    Measuring service includes:

  • hour measuring with automatic meter reading
  • data collection and processing software, as a service
  • flexible pricing model for investments
  • support service from our engineers
  • ongoing, agile software development
  • automatic updates to new versions of the analytics tool
  • Electricity test for network company

    Electricity test is a service through which a network company can offer its clients the opportunity to analyse the household consumption without having to call in a technician.

    Electricity test helps the final customer to:

  • make decisions about choosing appliances that consume more
  • find out whether the household grid needs optimizing and whether the chosen main fuse is sized suitably
  • Electricity test helps to measure the consumption of appliances by switching them on separately and in groups. It is a simple solution with step-by-step instructions that gives the customer the results with further recommendations in just a few minutes.

    If the customer has chosen an adequate main fuse for their consumption and made choices according to the reality, it in turn supports the optimal use of the network company's network, which brings with itself a higher customer satisfaction.

  • Information about the customer's actual load demand supports more exact planning of the network, the network's fill factor improves.
  • Percentage of underused network decreases
  • Helps decrease the process cost of the connection service
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