Collaborative projects

Together we will shape the future of energy

Come and be part of large-scale impact projects that

  • ensure more efficient use of oil shale;
  • support the development of renewable energy capacities;
  • help us grow in the Baltic Sea energy markets and create mutual benefits and value.
  • We have successful cooperation projects

    Eesti Energia is participating in a major electric car project across Europe
    Study of the relations between the sulphur content of oil shale and the properties of oil shale
    Study of strategic options for enrichment of mountain mass from lava complex
    Investigation of possibilities to improve the efficiency of remote control of the mine surveyors
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    Do you have a commercially viable idea and would you like to implement it with us?

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    Enefit Idea Hub

    We seek and create innovative digital energy services for the benefit of our customers

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    Annual Report

    For more information on how we progressed towards our ambition last year, see the Annual Report for more details

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