Information systems for partners

We offer our cooperating partners information systems for daily use.

Information systems we offer

  • Trimble UNITY
    Designed for power network construction partners. The map application displays information about the grid and network devices.
  • NIS
    Application that allows to perform various operations on a range of network devices/objects. NIS is intended for use on a desktop or laptop computer and aimed at partners' employees creating work plans within teams.
  • UTG for drawing up work plans
    Mobile map application to help with maintenance. The application is intended for partners' employees performing maintenance on sites outside the office. UTG is also suitable for creating work plans for sites.
  • Technical requirements

    Technical requirements

    To use the information systems, the device must meet the following requirements:

  • NIS
  • VPN client (VPN Client Installation Guide)
  • Citrix client (Citrix Client Installation Guide)
  • Updated operating system
  • Active antivirus and firewall at the workstation
  • UTG, Trimble UNITY
  • VPN client (VPN Client Installation Guide)
  • Updated operating system
  • Supported browsers: Safari; Chrome; Firefox; Edge
  • Requesting access to information systems for new partners

    Read the contract and sign it

    Enefit Connect Information Systems User Agreement (pdf) »

    Computer and User Requirements (doc) »

    Fill in the forms

    Annex 1 to the Agreement:
    Available Information Systems (doc) »

    Send us an e-mail

    Send the documents signed by an authorized person to the e-mail address [email protected]

    Granting of access

    We will grant you access

    Technical support and user rights changes

    Technical support includes diagnosing and resolving application failures, installing instructions, managing rights and users, and instructing users. Supported applications are UTG, NIS, Trimble UNITY, EPP, Checkpoint.

    [email protected]

    Tel.: 4666555, on weekdays at 08:00–16:30

    Webmap data errors

    To ensure the quality of network data, we are very interested in correcting errors between the database and reality. If you find a data error in the Webmap information system, please let us know. Be sure to write in the additional information box:

  • Device name (such as AJ Pärna F1; AJ Lontova F2 m15);
  • Difference or error (such as LK is actually located in mast 15; the circuit breaker in AJ Pärna F1 is actually 125A);
  • Include an illustrative diagram or drawing.
  • Report a data error

    Reporting a data error

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