Prevent power grid failures with NetFix

We offer an innovative solution for power grid companies that provides electricity consumers with security and peace of mind.

Solving problems before they arise is significantly more effective than doing it afterwards.

NetFix is a power grid health monitoring and failure prevention tool based on remotely read meters. The tool helps grid operators prevent up to 65% of low voltage failures, thus optimizing costs as well as increasing electrical and fire safety.

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The tool helps grid operator detect anomalies to prevent up to 65% of LV failures.

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What does NetFix enable?

Overview of the condition and quality of the entire grid

The root causes
Identifying the causes of errors that degrade grid quality

Resolving defects based on criticality. Focus on where it matters.

Up to 65% of electrical failures are preventable!

Cost effectiveness

Preventing failures with NetFix is up to 70% cheaper than reacting to them and eliminating the consequences.

Customer welfare

NetFix helps improve customer satisfaction through improved grid quality.


NetFix helps increase the fire safety of electrical installations and decreases the risk of fire.

We value security, efficiency and data-drivenness

Time and money are important to everyone

Our experience shows that the earlier problems are detected, the easier, faster, and cheaper it is to solve them.

The introduction of NetFix to the processes of the Estonian grid operator Elektrilevi has already helped identify 1800 potential failures and saved up to 600,000 euros by prevention.

It is estimated that NetFix will help save half a million euros on repair costs this year.

A healthy power grid ensures customer satisfaction

Electricity has become a commodity and a human right in today's digital world. Electrical failures cause great inconvenience to everyone: electricity provides heat, light, and functional equipment.

A power outage in one substation affects tens or hundreds of customers. Frequent and large-scale failures cause inconvenience and negative emotions to customers. However, such situations can be avoided by using NetFix.

Safety first

NetFix helps prevent dozens of dangerous situations in the Estonian electricity grid every year that could have led to fires in substations and homes.

NetFix helps to improve the fire safety of buildings and customers' sense of security.

The story of the birth of NetFix

NetFix comes from the digital nation of Estonia. In Estonia, the largest distribution network company Elektrilevi installed remotely read meters for all customers already during 2011-2016.

As the grid was being digitized, we were looking for additional ways to benefit from the data that was available. In 2018, we found that in addition to providing metering data, it was possible to use meters to monitor the condition of the grid, especially in low voltage areas with no previous overview.

We created the first solution that allowed one-by-one meter analysis. It turned out to be bulky and did not allow to get a complete overview of the state of the grid and its defects. We found a solution to the problem in the application of machine learning that monitors the grid as a whole and provides an overview of the defects occurring in the grid, including the root causes. Thus, NetFix was born.

Since then, we have discovered and eliminated more than 400 defects that degraded voltage quality for customers and could have progressed to failures. Ten of these defects had the risk of developing into a fire. The savings resulting from preventive work allow Elektrilevi to invest the same resources in the reliability of the electricity grid.

Questions and answers

NetFix is a power grid health monitoring and failure prevention tool that uses remotely read meters as the data source. NetFix's innovative approach provides continuous power grid monitoring that guarantees uninterrupted service and increases the security of the grid.

The introduction of NetFix does not require the installation of additional sensors in the network. The software takes as input the existing data transmitted by the measuring points as input and the simplified topology data.

In Elektrilevi's experience, up to 65% of low-voltage faults are preventable.

In addition, NetFix can prevent situations where a fault may not occur, but the customer may still contact the network service provider due to a degradation in service quality.

NetFix helps to monitor the quality of the network service, thereby reducing customer calls and preventing breakdowns.

Yes. Preventing failures with NetFix is up to 70% cheaper than reacting to them and eliminating the consequences. Customer contacts, failure processing and error finding, customer reimbursements-compensations and the risk of repeated failures will be missed.

As NetFix provides the specialist with an overview of the entire network, together with an assessment of the root cause of the fault, this flexible implementation allows processes to be optimised and costs to be saved.

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EAS ja Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond (ERG) toetab Enefit Connect OÜ projekti NetFix elektrivõrgu monitoorimise süsteem. Projekti toetuse summa on 392 212,5 €.

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NetFix identified a contact fault as the cause of the Undervoltage in the power grid. There were scorch marks and an overheated connection point in the electrical shield. The fault got repaired, and the voltage was restored. Thanks to NetFix, a probable fire was prevented.


NetFix identified the cause of the surge in the network as a defect in the PEN conductor. The electricians discovered broken PEN socket contact and repaired the fault. The continuation of the overvoltage could have had a direct impact on domestic consumers, whose electrical appliances the overvoltage would break.


NetFix identified the cause of the network Undervoltage as a two-phase contact fault. A tree had fallen on the line, splitting two phases. Electricians restored the voltage quality before a potential short circuit and the resulting customer calls occurred.


NetFix tuvastas võrgu ülepinge põhjusena PEN-juhi defekti. Lülituskilp oli vana ja amortiseerunud, ühendused roostes ning PEN-juht lahti. Kilp vahetati välja ja pinge kvaliteet taastati, mis aitas ära hoida kliendipöördumisi ülepingega kaasnevate võimalike elektriseadmete rikete tõttu.


NetFix identified the cause of the network overload as a fault in the PEN conductor and the absence of a neutral conductor. Electricians discovered a burnt PEN conductor. The repaired defect prevented further under and over voltages and possible customer complaints.


NetFix identified the cause of the substation overvoltage as a transformer operating at too high a step. The step was lowered, which restored voltage quality and helped prevent potential customer complaints due to overvoltage.