If none of our current vacancies interest you, but you would still like to work at Eesti Energia, please saada oma CV meie värbamiskeskusele. If your candidature is of interest we will forward your CV to companies in the Eesti Energia Group looking for new employees with your expertise.

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We facilitate learning and development

We train and develop our employees and value professional development.

We contribute to the working environment

We pay great attention to occupational safety and contribute to the creation of a modern working environment.

We are happy to do things together

We organise team events: we celebrate New Year together and in summer we have a company weekend away.

We support the on-site development of our people

We offer diverse career opportunities in various areas (energy, finance, law, administration, the environment, IT, etc.).

We value your family

We grant additional holidays to employees and remember their children at the start of school and Christmas.

We support a healthy lifestyle

Our sports club offers opportunities to engage in many fields of sport across Estonia. Together we participate in the Narva Energy Run and other competitions and support the development of Estonia's health trails.

Placement of our employees

Eesti Energia is a desirable employer

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1st place - Estonia's Most Desirable Employer 2016

Attractive Employer 2015

3rd place - according to INSTAR 2015 student survey results

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1st place - Estonia's Most Desirable Employer 2015

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2nd place - according to INSTAR 2014 student survey results

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2nd place - Estonia's Most Desirable Employer 2014

Attractive Employer 2013

3rd place - according to INSTAR 2013 student survey results

CV recommends

1st place - Estonia's Most Desirable Employer 2013

Attractive Employer 2012

3rd place - according to INSTAR 2012 student survey results

Your future colleagues

Edgars Cvetkovs

Customer Manager at Enefit SIA, the Group's Latvian energy selling entity

Energy selling is a challenging job because everybody needs energy but it cannot be bought from the shop like bread. Energy market developments are quite a headache for customers but they know that Enefit is an expert in the energy business. I love my job because I know that the success of many Latvian companies depends on me.

Madleen Raidma

Business Support Specialist, Employee of the Year 2014

I like Eesti Energia very much because each day offers new and interesting challenges. I am surrounded by terrific colleagues, professionals from which I have something to learn. It is good to witness solutions to problems and a drop in customer complaints after extensive complicated projects.

Tobias Henrik Andersen

Environmental Expert, Employee of the Year 2013

What I like most about my job is that I feel that my work matters. It makes me feel good to contribute to the future of the company.

Jelena Obolonskaja

Head of Chemistry Laboratory, Employee of the Year 2012

When you have found your place in life, everything work-related becomes interesting by itself. What I like about my work is the creative challenges it offers. A lab is not an artist's studio, but when you have to think independently and seek non-standard solutions, it develops creativity. The work poses no limits; there is a lot I have to invent myself.