Traineeship opportunities

Unfortunately, the are no internship vacancies at the moment.

If none of the current internship vacancies suit you, but you are interested in working at Eesti Energia, please send your CV to our recruitment centre or email If your candidature interests us, we will forward your CV to Eesti Energia companies looking for new interns with your abilities and experience.

Additional information about traineeship's opportunities at Elektrilevi can be found on the Traineeship opportunities webpage.

Our trainees include future engineers, IT experts, analysts, mining specialists, etc.

One in every 7 new employees is a former trainee.

Nearly 80% of our trainees are trained in Eesti Energia business units in Ida-Viru County.

Nearly 250 young people receive a traineeship with us every year.

Why take a traineeship at Eesti Energia?

Eesti Energia is the best place for a traineeship, because we

  • we consider your expectations and meet them wherever possible
  • provide you with a supervisor with whom you will set clear targets and monitor their achievement
  • offer meaningful work and let you try realistic work situations
  • give you a chance to learn from professionals and be part of a great team
  • believe in your abilities and notice your contribution
  • we notice and recognize your contribution
  • give you a great starting point and experience for a future career
  • we involve you in our enjoyable joint activities
  • pay a salary for participatory training

Former trainees who now work for us

Hedi Konrad

Was a trainee in summer 2012, now works as an environment specialist in Eesti Energia

The traineeship in Eesti Energia was diverse and exciting! I was able to choose the most interesting area of training and engage in it intensively, while I was supported and willingly given answers to even the most ignorant questions. A traineeship in Eesti Energia means learning from the top specialists in their fields and being able to witness the planning and implementation of the company's continuous development process first-hand. The Estonian oil shale industry has many different facets, something interesting for everyone!

Kristina Eapost

Was a trainee in summer 2014 and now works in the Business and IT Service of Eesti Energia

Eesti Energia is my first employer! The traineeship in Eesti Energia is a great way to see in your daily work how a large organisation operates and to discover the world of diverse and interesting work. I am happy to work here, I have gained invaluable experience and found wonderful friends.

Evert Eero

A summer 2015 intern who now works as project manager at Eesti Energia's Energy Sales Product Development Unit

I see an internship at Eesti Energia as one of the best opportunities for a young specialist to gain experience working for a large company, seeing the patterns of how top specialists think and act on day to day basis, and putting yourself to the test in fulfilling the duties you are assigned. The supportive team of co-workers and positive organizational climate certainly had an influence on how I imagined my future workplace. At university you have to find answers to questions, but as an intern, I learned to ask questions, which gave me the ability to think and act in a broader, more innovative manner.

Heiki Naagel

Was a trainee in the summer of 2016 and is now working for Eesti Energia's Business and Information Technology Service (BIT)

I was very satisfied with my traineeship at the BIT. The systems and technologies included in my daily work exceeded my expectations. At the end of my first day as a trainee, I was certain that I had found the right place. During the traineeship I was able to put my knowledge into practice, while I deliberately chose tasks that let me practice the areas in which I did not feel very confident. I was involved in real projects from day one and I felt that my work actually mattered. I always had a supervisor handy when needed, but he left me enough space to work independently. My recommendation to all future trainees – step out of your comfort zone and do things that seem too difficult at first glance. This is the fastest way to develop!