Kaspar Liibert, MSc in electrical power engineering, Tallinn University of Technology, and automatics specialist at Elektrilevi, part of the Eesti Energia group:

There is much more to electricity production, transmission and distribution than generators, power lines and transformers. Energy companies filled with digital technology are becoming information banks with large amounts of data. The collected data can be used to optimise business operations, to improve services and products, and to involve consumers.


During the past two years we have provided 13,060 euros worth of support to students studying in Estonia for applied education, bachelor and master degrees.

Additional information

Supporting new ideas with the Insenergia fund

The purpose of the Insenergia fund is to support initiatives that promote, popularise and integrate education in engineering – from energy to information technology. In the future, most of all we will need new professionals in the field of engineering. The application round for 2017 projects is closed.

To receive a grant from the fund, an initiative has to be related to the purpose of the fund, have a broad impact and involve Eesti Energia and increase our visibility among the target group of the project.

Applications are accepted from schools, universities, student organisations and non-profit organisations.

Activities supported: preparation and development of study materials, organisation of study visits, science camps and clubs, preparation of specialist publications, organisation of seminars, study days, and introducing the professions of a field.

As a rule, the fund does not support catering costs, labour costs and activities only benefiting an individual.

*The purchase of study equipment (including computer software, technical devices, etc.) is supported at a maximum rate of 50% of the total price of the item.

  • Period for applications: 7.11.2016 - 27.11.2016
  • Announcement of results: 21 December 2016
  • Signing of contracts: 22. December 2016 – 31 January 2017
  • Implementation of projects: 2017
  • Deadline for final reports: 15 December 2017

We pay out support sums on the basis of final reports submitted after the completion of the supported activities or after the readiness of the materials. The deadline for submitting the final reports for 2017 projects is 15 December 2017.

In 2017, we supported the project "Presenting the ROS open robotics platform to Estonian pupils, students and entrepreneurs" (AvaROS); the preparation of materials for the physics school course on energy-related topics; the creation of the coding club laboratory at the Narva College of the University of Tartu; initial engineering training at Kadrina High School as well as the organization of CADrina pilot competition among engineers.


Knowledge from practical experience

We want to contribute to the studies of young people and make studying more practical and interesting. Therefore, we have launched a number of study-enrichment projects with educational institutions that allow students to try out real-world work situations and broaden their knowledge of the energy field.

We arrange study visits to Eesti Energia sites to help vary studies in the field of power engineering ; for example, trips to the Narva power plants, oil industry sites, Narva opencast mine, Iru power plant, and the Narva and Paldiski wind farms. Any lecturers interested in organising such visits are welcome to apply (doc, EST) in writing to Laura.Jamsja@energia.ee.

Project-based traineeships are available for physical sciences students of the University of Tartu. Young people will solve real work situations and work together with Eesti Energia experts, thereby acquiring knowledge in their field of specialisation and developing teamwork skills.

Every other year we hold a course titled "Strategic development of the energy system" in collaboration with Tallinn University of Technology, during which Eesti Energia area managers and other top experts speak about the challenges of strategic management in the field of energy. The next course will be held in 2019.

Discovering the world of energy

Energy Discovery Centre

We contributed to the re-opening of the Energy Discovery Centre – an all-family education centre that is unique in Europe and which focuses on energy and natural science topics. We expect nearly 80,000 discoverers a year, children and adults alike, who can experiment with and experience the world of science on 95 permanent exhibits on eight different topics.


Educational materials on energy saving

Together with teachers, we have created interesting classroom materials for 3th and 4th grade pupils on the basics of how to save energy at home, so as to raise primary school children's awareness of economical electricity consumption. The materials can be used in different classes.

Lesson in energy saving »
Programme of the energy saving lesson »
Worksheet »
Workbooks for school children »

Estonian Mining Museum

We have supported the creation of an interactive theme centre that introduces the story of Estonian oil shale. The exhibition at the Kohtla Mining Park and Museum helps to raise the interest of children in physical sciences and motivate them to become engineers, which are so important for the future of Estonia.


Back to school

Our specialists and managers give dozens of lectures in schools every year. They speak on the development of the field of energy and their own career experiences. This year, employees from Eesti Energia will hold 100 lectures, which is also to celebrate the 100th anniversary of oil shale mining.