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For investors

Eesti Energia Group audited results for FY2013

Eesti Energia sales revenues for the financial year 2013 amounted to 966 million euros (+18%), while EBITDA reached 310 million euros (+12%) and net profit 160 million euros (+107%).

Annual Report 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2013


  • 30 April 2014
    Publication of Q1 interim report
  • 31 July 2014
    Publication of Q2 interim report
  • 31 October 2014
    Publication of Q3 interim report
  • 27 February 2015
    Publication of audited results for the financial year 2014
  • Reports
    Eesti Energia's annual, financial and quarterly reports and summaries of them.
  • Securities
    Overview of Eesti Energia securities, dividends paid, obligations and credit ratings.
  • Financial Indicators
    Graphs for sales income, operating profits, assets and liabilities, cash flows, investments, etc.
  • Funding
    Overview of the Group's obligations.
  • Management
    A detailed presentation of the structure and principles of the Group's management.

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Contacts for Investor Relations

Veiko Räim

Head of Investor Relations and Treasury
Tel: +372 715 2884
Fax: +372 715 1127

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