Sign a natural gas contract with Eesti Energia

If the supply of natural gas that you use for cooking or heating your home comes from a pipeline, you can choose a suitable gas seller on the open gas market. Changing your gas seller is just as simple as choosing an electricity seller and it may bring you significant cost savings.

Why choose Eesti Energia as your gas seller?

Freedom of choice

We offer you a choice between two different gas packages.

Price certainty

A contract with us allows you to fix your gas expenses until the end of the year.

Cost savings

Your choice of gas seller can have a significant effect on your gas bill.


You get your gas and electricity conveniently from a single supplier.

Competent partner

Taking into account your consumption, we advise you on all energy related questions.

Sign a contract

Five questions regarding a change of gas seller

  • What is the difference between a gas distribution network operator and a gas seller?

    A gas distribution network operator ensures a safe and uninterrupted gas supply. As a general rule, each region has just one network operator, meaning that customers cannot freely choose a gas distribution network operator. There are currently 26 gas distribution network operators in Estonia.

    Unlike a gas distribution network operator, customers can freely choose their gas seller. Different gas sellers offer different conditions, packages and prices, and customers can choose the most suitable option. The Estonian gas market is completely open, and where customers previously had to use the services of a gas seller working in a specific region, that restriction no longer exists. Changing your gas seller does not necessarily mean that you also have to change your network operator.

  • How will changing my gas supplier effect my network service fees? Can the network operator raise the prices?

    Changing your gas supplier has no effect on your network service fee. The level of the gas network service fee is regulated by the state and the network service tariffs are approved by the Competition Authority. Hence, the network operator cannot change the price just because you change your gas supplier.

  • Can the natural gas excise rise if I change my gas seller?

    The gas excise does not depend on the gas seller. The rate of the natural gas excise is stipulated by law and your gas seller or network operator is irrelevant.

  • When I change my gas seller, how will my new gas seller calculate my bill and to whom should I send my readings in the future?

    When you change your gas seller, it will not affect how you forward your consumption data – the procedure will remain exactly the same. Your new gas seller will calculate your bill on the basis of your consumption data, which it receives from the network operator. Your consumption is based on the monthly readings from your gas meter, which you forward to your network operator.

  • When I change my gas seller, could my household potentially be without gas supply for a certain period?

    When you change your gas seller, the gas supply will not be interrupted, as the network services will continue to be provided by the same network operator as before. You will always have gas even if you change your seller.