Sign a natural gas contract with Eesti Energia

Really pleasant energy is created together. That's why you can request a natural gas offer from us in addition to electricity. Sign a gas contract with Eesti Energia.

As a customer of Eesti Energia, you can

  • receive electricity and natural gas simply and conveniently from a single supplier
  • choose the solution that suits you best
  • have a professional partner for all your energy needs

Gas packages

For the first time, Eesti Energia is offering you a chance to select the best solution on the gas market. As gas energy makes up the bulk or 75% of your gas bill, you can significantly influence your gas bill by selecting the most suitable package. When choosing a gas package, you should consider the share of gas expenses in your family budget and how important it is for you to know the gas price in advance during the contract period. We have products for those customers who want to plan their expenses, and also for those who want to be more open to price fluctuations.

Fixed Package

  • The gas price remains the same during the contract period
  • Fluctuations in the input prices on the global gas market will not influence your gas bill
  • You control your gas expenses

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Variable Package

  • Your gas price will depend on the world market prices
  • Fluctuations in the input prices on the global gas market will influence your gas bill
  • Your gas expenses will increase or decrease depending on fluctuations in the market price for gas
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A contract with Eesti Energia comes with perks

We offer our customers a variety of partner deals with preferential terms of different products and services throughout the year. The offers are valid for all private and corporate customers of Eesti Energia.