Enefit Solutions

Diverse and environmentally friendly experience in the power and manufacturing industries

Solutions for energy and industrial companies

Enefit Solutions provides maintenance services and technological solutions for the Group's power plants, oil plants and mines.

Enefit Solutions repairs and maintains, manufactures a wide range of industrial equipment, carries out expert evaluation of metals and welded joints, and certifies welders.

Services of Enefit Solutions

Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair of power plants, oil plants, quarrying and mining machinery, industrial installations, production lines, etc

Production and construction

Stainless and carbon steel products for the energy sector and large industry

Testing and certification

Expert evaluation of metals and welded joints, certification of welders

You will be helped by esteemed industry experts

Our units are located in Jõhvi, Narva and Auvere in Ida-Virumaa.

With over 70 years of experience, the company employs over 800 professionals.

New production solutions for a cleaner environment

We base our services and products on the protection of the environment. We protect the natural environment and offer the best quality:

  • we prevent and reduce pollution of the natural environment;
  • we follow all environmental laws (including the REACH regulation to reduce risks to the environment and human health from the use of chemicals);
  • we use environmentally friendly technologies and materials;
  • we cooperate fully with our partners and customers to prevent risks that may have a significant impact on the natural environment;
  • safety and a safe working environment are our top priority.
  • The customers of Enefit Solutions are industrial companies from over 50 countries

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    Key accounts of Enefit Solutions

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    Enefit Solutions AS

    Registry code 10633284

    Headquarters and factory
    Phone: +372 4666 702
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    Malmi 8, Jõhvi
    41537 Eesti

    Office in Tallinn
    Lelle 22, Tallinn
    11318 Eesti

    Maintenance division
    Phone: +372 466 6336
    [email protected]
    Auvere küla, Narva-Jõesuu
    21004 Eesti

    Testing and certification
    Phone: +372 466 6733
    Phone: +372 466 6729
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    Management Board

    Rait Kalda

    Rait Kalda

    Chairman of the Management Board

    Phone: +372 4666 702
    [email protected]

    Jelena Danilova

    Jelena Danilova

    Member of the Management Board

    Phone: +372 4666 702
    [email protected]

    Aleksandr Zahharov

    Aleksandr Zahharov

    Member of the Management Board

    Tel: +372 4666 702
    [email protected]


    Igor Roos

    sales and project management

    Tel: +372 5513 813
    [email protected]

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    Production and construction

    Full service from design to installation and maintenance

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    Maintenance and repairs

    A complete solution for operating electrical and industrial equipment

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    Testing and certification

    According to International standards

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    Selection of projects and customers

    Testing at EuroChem Group AG. Contracting entity: Kohimo AS (2017–2019) 

    Non-destructive inspection of metal: ultrasonic testing of welded joints, magnetic powder test, radiographic test, capillary test, sealedness test.

    Biofuel-based Tees power plant in the UK. Contracting entity: Sumitomo SHI FW Energia Oy (2017–2018)

    Air passages and flues and other metal structures up to 726 tonnes. Design, 3D modelling, production, logistics.

    Chimneys of the Estonian power plant. Contracting entity: Enefit Energiatootmine (2014–2015)

    Five chimneys and flues with a total weight of 2000 t and a height of 100 m. Chimney foundations, supporting structures, service platforms, stairs. Each chimney measures the dust, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide contained in the flue gas separately.

    Auvere Power Plant's oil shale and biofuel feed and ash removal systems. Contracting entities: Enefit Energiatootmine, Enefit Kaevandused (2013–2014)
  • 3100 m2 f concrete and 13000 m2 of excavation works
  • 1,700 t of steel structures
  • 2,000 m communications for fuel feeds
  • 6,600 m of pipelines for the ash removal system
  • 800 t of equipment
  • 1,000 m conveyors

  •  Oil plant Enefit280 Contracting entity: Enefit Enefit Energiatootmine (2012)
  • Design of a retort, drawings, manufacture (retort length 18 m, diameter 6.4 m, weight 170 t)
  • 6,700 tonnes of mechanical equipment, 5,700 tonnes of steel structures
  • Electric filter in cooperation with the Swiss company Elex
  • Masonry and insulation work