We are developing production technologies for a cleaner future!

Production of liquid fuels

Enefit's technology provides power from oil shale and alternative sources

About the production of liquid fuels

Electricity and heat production

Today's electricity and heat production is an efficient and environmentally friendly process

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Hundreds of years of experience have made us an expert in mining

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Enefit Solutions

We offer a wide range of technological solutions in the field of energy and industry:

  • we repair and maintain electrical installations and other industrial equipment;
  • we design, manufacture and install metal structures, mining, power and industrial equipment;
  • we carry out expertise on metals and welded joints;
  • we certify welders.
  • Our solutions make energy and industrial companies work better.

    Solutions for industrial companies

    Exporting knowledge

    Our knowledge of oil shale mining and processing, based on our 100 years of experience, is recognized worldwide.

    Therefore, we can export our expertise in mining, manufacturing, environmental impact reduction, or provide experienced project management services around the world.

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    Contribution to the circular economy

    We create value by finding applications for by-products

    Crushed stone

    Our customers who use crushed stone and limestone are environmentally minded and contribute to the circular economy

    About crushed stone

    Oil shale ash

    Oil shale ash is suitable for liming (organic) fields as well as for the production of building materials tootmiseks.

    About oil shale ash

    Soil improver Enefix

    Enefix, a natural soil improver, increases crop fields

    About soil improver