Eesti Energia is a rapidly developing energy company developing oil shale and renewable energy production and smart services for the retail markets of the entire Baltic Sea region. We are looking for partners whose skills and knowledge complement our competencies in order to seek and implement feasible and value-creating ideas. We create mutually beneficial, confident and long-term partnerships.


We choose our key partners based on information on their skills and knowledge, which help us jointly create maximum value for Eesti Energia and achieve our goals.


We make sure that Eesti Energia's partnerships have clear goals. We formulate the goals and activities we plan to carry out with each partner. We set the goals based on the expectations and strategy of the owner of Eesti Energia.


We appoint a contact person for each partner organisation to maintain a complete picture and the history of partner relations. We help partners find their way to the right people at Eesti Energia.

Do you have ideas that could change the future of the energy industry?

We are seeking great ideas we can work together to implement. Write to us at and let's shape the future of Estonia's energy together!


Eesti Energia is participating in a major electric car project across Europe

Eesti Energia is participating in a major electric car project across Europe aimed at developing user-centric and innovative charging solutions. The project will begin in 2020 under the leadership of Renault and will end at the end of 2023. The development project has a budget of EUR 19 million, of which the European Union will contribute EUR 15 million. The project has 33 partners across Europe (France, Netherlands, Italy, Estonia, Germany, etc.). Supported by the Horizon 2020 Fund, this project aims to test and identify the best possible charging solutions for electric cars.

Within the project, Eesti Energia will install high-speed electric car chargers in the vicinity of Tallinn, which have the capacity to support power grid stabilization if needed. Eesti Energia is developing charging solutions for private and business users of electric cars to provide simple, convenient and useful charging services, while supporting the highest possible quality of electrical connection anywhere in the network.

This project has received funding from the European Union 's Research and Innovation Program, Horizon 2020, under Grant Agreement 875683.