All our energy for the good of the people!

Eesti Energia's integrated business makes us a competent and reliable partner in all issues concerning energy. The values we follow in our daily work are:

  • Useful to customers
    We can only enjoy success if we create customer value
  • Adding value
    Above all, we focus on the activities that create maximum value
  • Making it easy
    We take something complicated and make it easy and clear
  • Safety above all
    Our operation has always been associated with risks to the environment and personal health, so we always uphold occupational safety, health and the environment
  • It depends on me
    My energy, will and responsibility ensure our common goals are achieved

The value chain

We are responsible for using the natural resources entrusted to us and our technology and electricity network in the best possible manner. It is therefore important for us to continuously improve the environmental sustainability of our energy production operations. As experts in our field, we continue to seek new ways of offering better customer service and developing the energy field. We are enterprising. Our specialists are top experts in their fields. We unite the skills and knowledge of competent people, as real power lies in working together. We seal the resulting value using our energy signature.


Eesti Energia's strategy is based on the efficient valorisation of oil shale, and alternative and renewable sources of energy. Our Enefit technology is the most efficient combined production technology for shale oil, gas and electricity, allowing us to extract almost 80% of the energy contained in oil shale. We have successfully increased the share of alternative sources of energy, such as oil shale gas and municipal waste, and also renewable sources of energy for electricity production.

Our goal is to increase the share of alternative and renewable sources of energy in electricity production to 45% by 2023.

2019-2023 Strategy summary

Eesti Energia Strategic Action Plan 2019–2023

The strategic action plan for the period 2019–2023 was approved by the Supervisory Board in May 2019. Eesti Energia's strategic objective is to increase the group's earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) within the next five years in a changed operating environment. We believe that by reaching 1 million clients by the year 2023 and by helping them use energy as prudently as possible, we can set the foundation for Eesti Energia's long-term competitiveness, profitability and dividend payments.

We envision the following important developments for the strategic period 2019–2023:

  • The contribution of client services towards the group EBITDA will grow by four times
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  • The volume of electricity produced in an environmentally friendly way is increasing
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  • Large-scale energy production will focus on extending liquid fuel production; producing electricity from oil shale will decrease considerably between 2019 – 2023
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  • Elektrilevi will be offering a constantly improving network service at a reasonable price level
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Owner's expectations

Our strategy is based on the expectations of Eesti Energia's owner – the Estonian government has a shareholding in Eesti Energia in order to:

  • maximally valorise Estonia's main natural resource, oil shale, and related know-how
  • increase the value of the business and ensure stable income from dividends
  • ensure the security of electricity supply in Estonia
  • engage the workforce in the region
  • reduce negative environmental impacts


The predecessor of the Eesti Energia group, the public limited company Elektrikeskus, was established on 8 May 1939 when the President of Estonia Konstantin Päts signed its foundation document. Although Elektrikeskus was only named Eesti Energia in 1945, its founding marks the beginning of the Eesti Energia group.

The role of Elektrikeskus was to implement the Estonian electrification plan and build the energy system. Many power lines were designed and built to connect consumers with power plants and preparations were made to start building new power plants. Since then, we have considerably extended our reach – a local Estonian electricity company that has grown into an international energy corporation supplying a wide range of products.