From Hando Sutter

"Last year we took decisive steps towards the future by acquiring the producer of renewable energy Nelja Energia and taking possession of the Auvere Power Plant from the contractor. These are very clear landmarks in making energy cleaner and more effective."

Hando Sutter
Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia

Our ambition and values

Our work is driven by ambition, values and the expectations of customers and the owner.


  • High quality and functional services
  • Transparent and responsible conduct
  • Clean energy production
  • The potential to produce your own energy


  • Highest regard for oil shale know-how
  • Guaranteeing increased company value and stable dividend income
  • Guaranteeing security of electricity supply in Estonia
  • Employing regional labour force
  • Decreasing negative environmental impact

Our areas of operation

Customer services


Eesti Energia's customer services offer our customers functional energy solutions and an excellent customer experience. We sell electricity, heat, gas and energy solutions to private and business customers.

The most important events of 2018:

  • We began energy sales in Finland and Sweden
  • We implemented new customer services on local markets
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Renewable energy


Eesti Energia's renewable energy production units belong to the group's subsidiary Enefit Green. Our renewable energy sources are the most diverse in the Baltic Sea region. We produce wind, solar, biomass, mixed municipal waste and hydro energy.

The most important events of 2018:

  • We increased our capacity for renewable energy production – we acquired Nelja Energia
  • We built 18 solar power plants with a capacity of 7 MW on properties belonging to our customers and Eesti Energia.

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Large-scale energy production


In large-scale energy production we focus on valorising the most important resource in Estonia – oil shale – in the best possible way. In addition to oil shale we also have the capacity to produce energy on a large scale from alternative sources, such as biomass, peat, shale oil and shredded scrap tyres. Our aim is to increase the share of alternative sources in the production process.

The most important events of 2018:

  • We took possession of the Auvere Power Plant
  • We increased our capacity for oil shale gas based electricity production

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Network services


Elektrilevi, a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, provides electricity for almost all homes and businesses in Estonia, in total 93% of Estonia's population. As a network operator it is the responsibility of Elektrilevi to ensure the reliability of the electricity grid, at reasonable prices and provide great customer service. In addition, Elektrilevi has entered the communications business and now also provides street lighting services.

The most important events of 2018:

  • We started offering services in communications infrastructure
  • We coordinated a decrease in network tariffs from 1 January 2019

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We value innovation

Eesti Energia as a company is open to innovation, we seek out and implement new technologies that allow us to operate more effectively and smartly. This allows us to provide our customers with more functional and convenient solutions.

Paneme rõhku innovatsioonile
Eesti Energia 3D
Eesti Energia 3D

Economic achievements

In 2018 Eesti Energia increased its revenue, net profit and EBITDA.



million euros

+121 million euros



million euros

+19 million euros

Net profit


million euros

+5 million euros



million euros

+71 million euros

Credit ratings





Sales volume of network services



-0.2 TWh

Sales volume of electricity



-0.1 TWh

Sales volume of liquid fuel


thousand tons

+23 thousand tons

Awareness of environmental concerns in every step we take

In today's world it is the norm that industry is continuously evaluating its impact on the environment and seeking ways to reduce it. Naturally, this is also the case at Eesti Energia. Over the years we have invested hundreds of millions of euros in cleaner technologies. Our goal is to establish energy production that has the lowest possible impact on the environment and where by-products are utilised to the maximum.

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