Generate your own electricity

Produce electricity yourself and reduce costs

Consume smartly, produce smartly

The energy generated by solar panels or that is otherwise self-generated is taken up at the point of consumption. If own production is not enough, you need to buy electricity from the grid.

However, if you produce more electricity at the point of consumption than you consume, you can sell the excess electricity to Eesti Energia.

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Consume smartly, produce smartly

As a small producer, you reduce the energy costs of your home

You are a small producer if the net capacity of your production equipment is up to 1000 kW.

Traditionally, the capacity of the production equipment of a home or business is less than 200 kW. However, if your production unit has a capacity of more than 200 kW, you need to apply to the Competition Board for a license to produce electricity.

I want a small producer contract

Being a small producer

If you sell electricity to Eesti Energia under a small producer contract, the purchase price will be based on the Variable Package, based on Nord Pool Spot power exchange prices minus the margin agreed in the contract. We also advise the small producer to choose the Variable package as a consumer contract package as in such a case both consumption and production take place under similar conditions.

How are accounts settled? »

I want a small producer contract

How are accounts settled?

The purchase prices for the electricity sold back to the network are based on the Nord Pool Spot power exchange market prices in the Estonian region less the margin agreed upon in the contract. Data on the quantities of electricity produced and supplied to the grid can be obtained from Elering's data warehouse. We charge for the electricity consumed according to the price package agreed upon in the contract.

  • For non-VAT home customers, electricity generation does not complicate the settlement of accounts – the electricity supplied to and consumed from the grid is automatically offset and reflected on your monthly Eesti Energia invoice.
  • Sole proprietors and businesses subject to VAT have the right, as small produces, to charge VAT on electricity. To this end, Eesti Energia must be invoiced at the end of each quarter for the sale of electricity produced. Eesti Energia will provide you with information on electricity consumed from the grid in advance.
  • How to prepare an electricity sales invoice to Eesti Energia?

    See a sample invoice »

    The electricity sales invoice must include your or your company's contact information, Eesti Energia as the recipient of the invoice, product name, quantity and price. It is also important to include the sales period and the measuring point code on the invoice.

    Example: Electricity supplied to the grid from January to March 2019. Measuring point's EIC code: 38ZEE-00744508-W.

    How to produce electricity and sell it as a small producer?

    Procure the production equipment

    The production unit may be a solar panel, a wind turbine, or a generator.

    Network contract

    Sign a network contract and a small producer's subscription agreement.


    Eesti Energia will install and configure the equipment to measure the amount of energy consumed and returned to the grid.

    Small producer energy contract

    If you want to sell excess electricity back to the network, we will also sign a small producer energy contract with you.

    Start production

    An energy contract can only be concluded with the energy trader from whom you buy electricity for your own use. If you provide electricity to the network without an energy contract, the network operator will accept it for free. Upon termination of the electricity consumption contract with the energy trader, the energy contract will also terminate.

    Produce yourself and benefit your business

    You are a large producer when you produce electricity for sale and the capacity of your production equipment is over 1000 kW. In order to sell electricity, it is necessary to connect the production unit to the electricity grid and sign a network contract with the network operator.

    We recommend contacting your local distribution company to connect a unit with a capacity of less than 5 MW to the electricity grid. Contact the transmission system operator Elering to connect a production unit with a capacity of more than 5 MW to the electricity grid.

    If the capacity of the production unit is more than 200 kW, the Competition Authority must be approached for a license to produce electricity.

    I'd like a large producer contract

    How to sell electricity to the network as a large producer?

    If you want to sell electricity to Eesti Energia as a large producer, you need to first sign a contract. The purchase prices of electricity depend on the market price of CO2, the volume of electricity purchased as well as the accuracy of its prognosis.

    If you supply electricity to the grid without a contract of sale, the network operator will accept it free of charge.  

    I'd like a large producer contract

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