Green Energy

Choose 100% renewable energy!

Be part of a changing world

Choosing Green Energy is one of the easiest environmental changes you can make in your life.

If you are already a customer of Eesti Energia

You can choose Green Energy by changing your current electricity contract in e-service.

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When you are just joining us

Choose Green Energy as part of your regular electricity package when signing a new contract.

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Choosing Green Energy is a breeze!

Green Energy can be chosen with every package


fixed kWh price

Fixed electricity price for the whole contract period

Green Energy
on average the price difference is
only 1 euro per month


the same bill amount every month

The monthly payment is calculated based on your past consumption

Green Energy
on average the price difference is
only 1 euro per month


pool price

The price of electricity changes on the power exchange every hour

Green Energy
on average the price difference is
only 1 euro per month

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Why prefer Green Energy?

Save the environment

The larger the number of Green Energy customers, the greater the share of renewable energy in electricity generation and the less carbon dioxide emitted.

Support renewable energy producers

Green Energy is produced from 100% renewable energy sources, mainly solar, wind and hydropower. We either produce the Green Energy ourselves or buy it from other European electricity producers.

Set an example

You will show that the environment is important to you and you contribute to its preservation.

Switching is simple

Choosing Green Energy is one of the easiest environmentally friendly changes - you don't have to swap wires or plugs at home!

You too can afford Green Energy!

Choosing Green Energy will only increase your bill on average by about 5%.
Calculate here what would be your ordinary electricity monthly bill if you were to use Green Energy.

Your ordinary monthly electricity bill

1 €
250 €

Your bill if your were to use Green Energy

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See the basis of the calculations »

Frequently Asked Questions

Electrons from the socket have no colour or name, and according to the laws of physics, the electricity produced closest to the customer reaches the socket. Green Energy is possible thanks to the power exchange that Estonia joined in 2010.

Hundreds of electricity producers in the Nordic and Baltic countries sell power to the exchange – from wind power companies to nuclear power plants. Electricity companies resell the electricity to the end consumer.

Your choices have a direct impact on the energy market and the share of renewable energy, because the more customers want to buy renewable energy, the more manufacturers have to offer it. As demand for Green Energy grows, so must supply.

Calculations show that the cost of a kilowatt-hour of Green Energy is on average, 4-5% more expensive than a Fixed price package. What does this mean for an electricity bill? Based on the average Estonian electricity customer, which consumes about 3,300 kWh of electricity per year, the price difference is only € 1 per month.

The renewable energy fee is a government-imposed fee that aims to support the production of electricity from renewable energy or high-efficiency cogeneration in Estonia. If you opt for Green Energy, you will also pay the fee for renewable energy just like any other network service user. The renewable energy fee is calculated and published annually by the transmission system operator Elering.

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The basis of the calculations

The calculations are based on the average Estonian household customer who consumes 3300 kWh of electricity a year. The yearly consumption is divided evenly throughout the months where the monthly consumption therefore is 275 kWh.

In addition, we have assumed that the fee for electricity accounts for 47.3% of the total bill, the network fee for 41.7% (Elektrilevi package Võrk 2) and renewable energy fee and electricity excise for 11% of the bill.