Solar panels

Produce your own environmentally friendly electricity and save today!

The KredEx reconstruction grant application is now open

For the installation of solar panels and a storage device, it is a good opportunity to use KredEx's reconstruction grant for small residences, aimed at improving the energy efficiency and indoor climate of small residences, reducing energy costs and promoting the adoption of renewable energy. You can obtain all the necessary documents for the KredEx grant from Enefit. By ordering the design documentation necessary for application from us, we will provide you with a free energy performance certificate free of charge!

The grant application opened on 23 April and is aimed at private individuals and families.

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Reduce your annual electricity costs by up to 70% with solar panels

Solar panels are a good and easy way to save on electricity costs and reduce your environmental footprint by producing your own 100% clean energy. You will save on your electricity bills, network charges and national taxes, and you can sell the excess of your electricity back to the grid.
Investment in a home solar plant will have a stable and assured return, and it will increase the market value of your building.

We provide convenient and simple monthly payment-based solutions with which you can start saving on electricity bills immediately without having to collect a large amount and invest. You can get an idea of the price of a suitable solution immediately - no long wait for a price quote.

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Solar panels are suitable for your home if

You live in a private house, semi-detached house or terraced house that has a use permit.

There is enough free space on the roof and it is not obscured by tall trees. You can install the panels near the building on the ground as an alternative.

The electrical system of your building is safe, the roof is strong and does not need renovation in the near future.

The building is not heritage-listed as a architectural or cultural monument.

Solar panel calculator

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Can't choose or want a bigger solution?

Contact us and our sales specialist will help you choose the best solar panel solution for your home

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Five steps to your own solar park

Choose the right solution

Choose a suitable solution and submit your order. No weeks of waiting for a quote.

We will review the details and prepare a contract

Before entering into the contract, we check whether the chosen solution is the most suitable one for your home.

We will obtain the permits and prepare for installation

We prepare a project and formalize the necessary permits and documents. We help submit an application to the network operator. This stage is the longest, as communication with authorities can take almost 3 months.


We will agree with you on a suitable time for installation and install your solar power plant within a few days.

Start producing

Enjoy lower electricity bills and keep an eye on the environmentally friendly electricity output of your solar panels with your smartphone. We are only a phone call away for questions, failures or maintenance.

Energy storage

Energy storage enables the electricity produced by solar panels to be stored and used later. For example, when the price of electricity purchased from the grid is expensive or in the event of a power outage.

We provide safe and long-lasting Huawei Luna2000 energy storage units with a capacity of 5, 10, and 15 kWh.

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Why choose Enefit

Easy and carefree

Our solar energy experts do their best to make everything go smoothly from idea to implementation. We can provide you with a reliable and tried-and-tested standard solution according to the electricity consumption of your building. We apply for the necessary permits for you, assist with a network contract, and advise on government support schemes to help finance renewable energy solutions.

Always available

As this is a long-term investment, we can guarantee that we are and will be there to help should you have any questions today and in the future.

Reliable quality

In addition to valued knowledge, we offer equipment by the world's leading manufacturers, and Eesti Energia's experienced partners take care of the installation. There is up to a 15-year warranty for our equipment and a 2-year warranty for the work.

Complete solution

Everyone can find a solution from us that helps lay the foundation for a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lifestyle. In addition, we will buy back all unused solar electricity. In order for your consumption to be green even when the sun is not shining, you can enter into an electricity contract with us on great terms: Variable Package based on 100% renewable energy and stock exchange price with 50% cheaper margin and with no monthly fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two ways to finance solar panels: outright purchase or hire purchase.

With outright purchase, payment is made in two parts. 70% in advance and 30% after the installation.

The period for hire purchase is up to 120 months, as the customer wishes. Down payment starting from EUR 0. Before entering into a contract, please read the terms and conditions of the financial service and, if necessary, consult an expert.

Standard case: The credit cost rate of hire purchase is 8.3% per annum under the following model conditions: price of the contract object when immediately paid (net price) €15,000, credit amount €12,000, down payment €3,000, contract period 36 months, fixed interest rate 12.5% per annum based on loan balance, contract fee €0, monthly payment €376.32, total cost of credit and total repayments €16,547. The creditor is Inbank AS. Before entering into a contract, carefully read the terms and conditions of your desired contract and, if necessary, consult an expert.

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Enefit only provides complete solutions, equipment or installation cannot be ordered separately.

The solution includes panels, inverter, preparation of documentation, construction project and permit, construction, commissioning paperwork.

A complete solar panel solution is very convenient for customers, as our specialists take care of both administration and installation. We only provide high-quality complete solutions and equipment, guaranteeing the reliability of the solar power plant for decades. As this is a long-term investment, we promise that we are and will be there to help should you have any questions now and in the years to come.

Installing solar panels on the roof does not take up extra space in the yard, but a limited area must be taken into account. It is not possible to change the direction or angle of the roof. When preparing a quote, we take into account whether the roof is flat or sloping and find out the most useful roof direction(s). The final price depends on the surface of the roof: different types of roofs need fasteners with different price ranges.

Before installing rooftop solar panels, the customer must check whether the information in the building register – the permit for use, the roofing material, the chimney, the ventilation hatch, etc. – correspond to the actual situation. As solar panels have a lifespan of 30 years, the roof must be in good condition and last the same amount of time.

A ground-mounted solar park takes up more space, but the solar panels can be set in the most optimal direction – mostly to the south. The frames of solar panels are at an angle of 35 degrees.

Soil must be taken into account when building a ground-mounted park: limestone surface raises the price, for example, and it is not possible to place solar panels on soft, wet or swampy ground. Before the start of construction of a ground-mounted park, a geodetic base plan is made to make sure that the soil is suitable.

Yes. Installation of solar panels on buildings on one property is part of the same project.

The construction of a solar park from start to finish and the preparation of documents usually takes up to six months.

The installation of the infrastructure together with the setup takes only a few days in the case of an average private house. Of course, it also depends on the size of the system and the complexity of the installation.

It is correct to coordinate all changes with the local government and the preparer of the initial solution.

A well-designed solar park will pay off in ten years. A solar park is a long-term investment, the profitability of which must be accurately assessed. That is what our experts do.

According to current long-term forecasts, electricity prices will continue to rise. The more expensive the price of grid electricity, the faster a home solar power plant will pay off. With sufficient self-consumption, it is certainly possible that a solar power plant will pay off even if the price of electricity falls.

The financial gain arises from the electricity not purchased from the grid and the sales of unused electricity. The fee for the electricity sold to the grid is reflected on electricity bills. If the revenue from electricity sold to the grid is higher than the cost of electricity bought from the grid, then monthly electricity bills will be negative. It can be used as a set-off in winter, for example. The savings must also be compared with the investment made in the solar plant and its running costs.

As network fees and state taxes apply to electricity purchased from the grid, it is always sensible to consume as much self-produced electricity as possible.

The first step is to submit an electricity producer connection application to the network operator. Then a connection agreement is concluded with the network operator and the electricity meter is replaced: since you are no longer just an electricity consumer but also a producer, it is necessary to keep a tab in both directions. We help you fill in the connection agreement with the necessary technical data.

Once these operations have been performed, a network contract of an electricity producer will be entered into with the network operator for an indefinite period. Lastly, a small producer contract must be signed with the energy seller from whom you purchase electricity.

Enefit buys electricity from producers at the hourly exchange price, minus the margin depending on the parameters of the particular producer.

It is not possible to manage sales at this time, but such an option cannot be ruled out in the future. In any case, it is beneficial to sell all the remaining electricity to the grid.

The sun is lower in winter, so, energy production is smaller. December is usually with the lowest productivity: it drops up to ten-fold compared to the summer months. Production in March is already significantly higher, and in favourable weather conditions, April and May may be the months with the best productivity.

In summer, solar panels often generate more electricity than the household needs. This electricity can be sold to the grid. However, the winter electricity shortage is purchased from the grid.

Yes. If your inverter is connected to the Internet, it is possible to monitor the productivity and other information of your solar plant in real time. For example, you can use the Sunny Portal or FusionSolar applications.

Self-produced solar electricity can only be used on the property where the solar panels are installed. If you have added metering points for several properties to your small producer's contract, the amount calculated for the electricity sold to the grid will be offset against the joint monthly electricity bills.

There is no fixed distance, it all depends on the size of the power plant and other parameters. In general, solar panels should be installed as close as possible to the connection point. The farther they are, the larger the cable required and the greater the losses.

Solar panels are generally maintenance-free: they are kept clean enough by wind and rain. During the winter months, the productivity of the panels is very low, so it is not always advisable to clean them from thick snow. From March, however, the panels should be cleaned of snow. A thin layer of snow does not interfere with the operation of a solar park: electricity generated from translucent light heats up the panels and the snow melts or slips off.

From time to time, the condition of the solar panels can be visually assessed and the accumulated dirt removed. Water and a gentle sponge or brush should be used. Detergents, a rough sponge, and excessive rubbing or scratching can damage the panel.

As far as we know, no maintenance is provided for solar panels. However, you can have your operator inspect the solar power plant from time to time.

Most solar panels require grid power. When it is interrupted, the production of solar energy is switched off. By purchasing a solar plant with a storage solution and a backup power switch, uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed in the event of grid failures.

The inverter will start itself automatically and safely. The solar panels operate in a closed circuit.

No. This makes repairs life-threatening.

The solar panels are on the roof with a power of 455W, panel dimensions are 1903 ˣ 1134 ˣ 30 mm and on the ground with a power of 655W, panel dimensions are 2384 ˣ 1303 ˣ 35 mm. It is important to know that when the panels are installed side by side, there must be 20 mm of free space between the two panels for the clamps. For example, a 60kW solar power plant takes up 335m2 of space on a pitched roof and 233m2 on the ground.

An inverter is an electrical device that converts direct current to alternating current. The inverter measures 525 x 470 x 146.5 mm and it can be installed anywhere the air moves and it's not hot (including outdoors). There should be free space of at least 30-40 cm in each direction of the inverter.

The readings are different because the electricity generated and immediately consumed does not pass through the meter. Therefore, the remote meter shows lower numbers.

The main circuit breaker is selected according to the power of the inverter. Elektrilevi will prepare the final quote for this purpose. In a simplified case, the size of the main circuit breaker is selected by multiplying the inverter power by 1.4. For example, for a 10 kW inverter, the size of the main circuit breaker should be 16A (10 kW x 1.4 = 14).

We install single crystal solar panels that have higher productivity. Solar panels have a product warranty of 12 years and a performance warranty of 25 years. There is a five-year warranty for the inverter and two-year warranty for installation work.

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Support schemes

It is possible to apply for governmental investment support to install a solar solution.

More information can be found HERE.

Equipment and warranty

We use the following devices from the world's leading major manufacturers to build solar solutions:

PANELS: Recom. Both mono and polycrystalline panels are available.

Equipment lifetime and warranty period

Solar panels have a life span of at least 25 years. Their capacity decreases by about 0.6% per year, and after 25 years the manufacturers guarantee a power output of about 85%. Only the inverter should be replaced about 15 years after installation.

The devices have the following product warranties - 15 years for panels, 5 to 10 years for inverter, depending on capacity and 10 years for battery solutions.

We provide a 2-year warranty on the installation of the equipment.

Surface for installation of panels

You can install solar panels on the roof of the building or on the ground near the building.

Both flat and pitched roofs are suitable. For pitched roofs, consider the southern side of the roof only. Do not consider surfaces that may be obscured by objects such as chimneys, skylights, antennas, trees, etc.

With ground installation, you need an area where there are no shades of trees. There should be a space of at least 4 m from the border of your property with a neighbour and the distance to the electrical switchboard should preferably be as short as possible.

Solar power output

Estimated annual solar power output.

The exact output depends on the direction of the panels in relation to the sun, the angle of inclination, possible shadows, thickness of snow, and the number of sunny days.

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