Technical inspection of gas appliances

Ensure peace of mind that your gas appliance is operating safely and efficiently

Technical inspection

Under the Gas Installations Regulation, technical inspection of gas appliances is mandatory every four years.

During the work, we check whether the technical systems and documentation are in order and whether the ventilation of the rooms is working properly.

Check for gas leaks

We check your gas installation and detect gas leaks in case of danger. In the event of a gas leak, we perform the necessary piping work.

If there is a suspicion of a gas leak, we recommend that the inspection be carried out as a matter of urgency.

Technical inspection of a gas installation

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1-4 apartments

For Eesti Energia customers

42 €

Regular price 50 €

Price per one apartment

Starting from 5 apartments

For Eesti Energia customers

19 €

Tavahind 24 €

Price per one apartment

Rooms in communal use

For Eesti Energia customers

58 €

Regular price 63 €

Price per one apartment

Inspection required by law

every 4 years


At the moment we are only offering this service in Tallinn

Take a look at the detailed price list for gas works

Price list for gas works

Technical inspection of a gas installation

According to a regulation that entered into force at the end of 2019, it is mandatory to perform inspections of all gas installations every four years to ensure the safety of the device. The inspection must be performed by a competent person performing gas work.

During the technical inspection of a gas installation, the following is performed:

  • inspection of gas device's conformity to the requirements and operation in a work situation
  • inspection of conformity to existing documentation
  • inspection of operation of air supply to the devices and ventilation of the rooms
  • inspection of the piping's conformity to the requirements
  • inspection of the sealing of the connections of the devices
  • inspection of the presence and installation of a carbon monoxide detector
  • Order inspection

    Why choose Eesti Energia?

    All works are performed by thoroughly trained and licensed technicians
    Our technician will present you with a performance report, about the works done
    We provide a warranty to all works performed
    A possibility to pay for the service conveniently together with the invoice for other Eesti Energia services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Technical inspection includes:

  • Checking the conformity and functioning of the gas appliance in its operating state;
  • Checking the compliance of the installation with the existing documentation;
  • Checking the functioning of the air supply of the equipment and ventilation of the premises;
  • Checking the density of piping and equipment connections;
  • Checking the presence of a carbon monoxide sensor and verification of its installation;
  • Pursuant to Regulation No. 87 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure "Requirements for Gas Installations Using Gaseous Fuel; their Construction and Installation of Gas Appliances; and Storage of Gas Cylinders and Filling of Gas Containers", a technical inspection is mandatory for each gas installation in every four years.

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    Order technical inspection of a gas installation

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    Price list for gas works

    Service Normal price incl. VAT Price for the customer of Eesti Energia incl. VAT
    Gas water boiler maintenance 64 € 59 €
    Gas boiler maintenance 87 € 79 €
    Carbon monoxide fire detector FireAngel CO-9B with mounting 36 € 33 €
    Carbon monoxide fire detector FireAngel CO-9B 26 € 24 €
    Installation of carbon monoxide sensor 10 € 9 €
    Installation and repair* 50 € 45 €
    Installation and repair in Tartu* 77 € 70 €
    Gas stove installation 55 € 50 €
    Technical inspection of gas installation
    (1-4 apartments)
    50 € 42 €
    Technical inspection of gas installation (5+ apartments) 24 € 19 €
    Shared technical inspection of gas installation (staircase, basement, etc.) 63 € 58 €
    Rush order. The fee will be added to the working hour price** 30 € 30 €
    Transportation fee*** 0,60 €/km 0,60 €/km

    * Minimum fee, which applies even when the specialist has traveled but cannot perform the agreed work due to reasons arising from the client's side.

    ** We perform rush orders in Tallinn.

    *** Is not applicable in Tallinn and Tartu.

    Working time of the employee is calculated with 15 minutes intervals.

    Rental working tools may be added to the price.

    The price per hour worked in the price list corresponds to the hourly rate per employee. The actual cost of the work to be performed depends on the number of employees carrying out the work.