Heat pump

Economical and convenient heating solution

Modern and environmentally friendly home heating

The heat pump is a user-friendly and economical heating method that is suitable as the main heat source of the home as well as for supportive heating. We offer air-to-air, air-to-water and geothermal heat pumps that are suitable for the Nordic climate. We have almost 70 different models in our selection – you can be sure that we will find the most suitable one for you!

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Why choose a heat pump?

Immediate savings - up to 80% savings compared to electric heating
Safe and convenient - forget about firewood, smoke, chimneys and ash, the heat comes at the touch of a button
Affordable and fast commissioning - installation takes on average only 1 to 2 days
Environmentally friendly heating method – the heat pump is a very energy-efficient and therefore environmentally friendly choice

Heat pump selection assistant

Indicate the purpose for which you want the heat pump:

To be the main heating source

You need a heating solution for a new house, you want to replace the existing heating solution of an existing house or keep the existing solution (oil, wood or gas boiler) and add a new separate solution.

To offer additional heating

You want to get a room or apartment warmer, heat temporarily used buildings (eg a cottage) or support the existing heating system during cold periods. For example, you want to reduce the inconvenience of wood heating or the cost of electric heating.

For cooling

You want to cool the rooms.

Five steps to a carefree warm home

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Fast and correct installation

Lower heating costs and less worry about heating your home

Find the most suitable solution

Why choose Eesti Energia?

Very wide product range

We offer nearly 70 different models of heat pumps, among which we will find the most suitable one for you.

Trustworthy partner

We have been operating in the energy market for 80 years and we will be with you for years to come. Our long-experienced sales engineers have advised nearly 10,000 people on heat pumps.

Reliable quality

Our selection includes well-known, high-quality brands that have been consciously selected for the Nordic climate, and specialists with years of experience take care of the installation.


We ensure a smooth selection and installation process and also offer regular maintenance. In addition, we will make you a good offer for a suitable electricity package and give you advice on state subsidies.

What brands of heat pumps do we offer?


Frequently asked questions about heat pumps

The heat pump has several advantages over other heating systems:

  • low heating costs, short payback time and long service life;
  • easy installation in a couple of days;
  • convenient remote control via computer or telephone application;
  • there is no risk of fire and no need to store heating materials;
  • environmentally friendly: smoke, soot and ash free;
  • adds value to a building;
  • the in-house heating system can be both underfloor heating and radiators;
  • the heat pump can also be used to produce daily domestic water;
  • suitable for private houses of all sizes, apartment buildings, semi-detached houses, both office and industrial buildings.
  • In the case of an air-to-air heat pump, energy is taken from the outside air. With the help of heat pump technology, it is blown indoors through the device, achieving significant efficiency compared to electric heating. It is particularly effective as auxiliary heating if it is not desirable to use the main heating, but it is also possible to use an air-to-air heat pump as the main heating, provided that auxiliary heating is also available for very cold weather.

    In the case of an air-to-water heat pump, energy is also taken from the outside air, but the heat pump technology transfers energy to the heating water, which in turn heats the floor or radiators. It is intended mainly for the main heating of the building. It is possible to produce daily domestic hot water several times more efficiently than with an electric boiler.

    Geothermal energy draws energy from the sub-surface of the Earth. In spring and summer, the sun melts the soil that contains absorbed rainwater. This energy is "picked up" by a ground collector, i.e. a horizontal pipeline built to a depth of one meter. The energy is brought to a heat pump with a special liquid and transferred to the heating water, which in turn heats the floor or radiators. The geothermal heat pump is the most efficient type of heating, i.e. more than 4 times more economical than electric heating. Also, it is possible to produce daily domestic hot water several times more efficiently than with an electric boiler.

    Contemporary Panasonic heat pump operates even at -35 degrees below zero. Generally, the minimum temperature specified by the factories is -15 to -25 degrees, depending on the device and model.

    With a geothermal heat pump, it is possible to save on average more than 4 times compared to electricity or oil heating. With an air-to-air heat pump and an air-to-water heat pump, on average 2 to 3 times compared to electric or oil heating.

    The service life of an air-to-air heat pump and an air-to-water heat pump is up to 15 years if the device is properly maintained and used for its intended purpose. The service life of a geothermal heat pump is as high as 25 years, as the device itself with the compressor is located indoors.

    Until the end of 2020, Kredex will offer support for the reconstruction of small houses, which also includes the installation of a heat pump. Check out the measure on the Kredex website.

    Yes, Eesti Energia offers installment payment for the heat pump of your choice and installation works. Installment payment period can be applied for up to 120 months. You can read more about the installment payment for heat pumps here.

    The filters of an air-to-air heat pump must be cleaned every few months (depending on the environment) and definitely before the start of the heating season. Currently, the automation of air-to-water heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps is already so smart that if something goes wrong, the device will report it. However, once a year, we recommend calling a technician who reviews the automation parameters, sludge filter, circulation pumps, heat exchangers and other parts of the device.

    COP (coefficient of perfomance) is a heat factor that shows how many times a heat pump provides heat energy compared to electric heating. For example, COP 4.5 means that a heat pump produces four and a half times more heat energy than electric heating.

    SCOP (seasonal coefficient of perfomance) is a heat factor that shows the efficiency of a heat pump during the entire heating period, i.e. the ratio of the heat energy produced to the energy consumed. SCOP provides a good overview of the heat pump's capacity over a longer period of time.

    EER (energy efficiency ratio) is an indicator of the energy efficiency of a heat pump in cooling mode at a certain outdoor temperature.

    If desired, we can offer the dismantling and utilization of equipment as an additional service.

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