Air-to-air heat pump

An energy-efficient solution for additional heating

An air-to-air heat pump can reduce electricity costs by up to 80%

An air source heat pump is the best solution for combating high heating costs or, alternatively, an excellent additional heating option for your home if furnace or electric heating is insufficient.

Our experienced specialists have selected top-of-the-range models that offer the best value for your money. When purchasing a heat pump, you can choose between three payment options: outright purchase, full-service rental or hire purchase.

Benefits of an air-to-air heat pump

Comfortable climate year-round

A heat pump maintains a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor temperature throughout the year by warming the air when it is cold and cooling the air when it is hot.

Safe and convenient

Say goodbye to the hassle of firewood, smoke, chimneys and ash – experience convenient heating at the press of a button.

Quick installation

The heat pump will be delivered to you within 14 days and installation only takes about half a day on average. All our heat pumps come with a 5-year warranty.

Eco-friendly heating solution

A heat pump is a highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly heating solution that helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Full-service rental ensures peace of mind

Full-service rental of a heat pump allows you to use the device all year round without worries

Deposit 0 euros

There is no need for a large initial investment.

Fixed monthly fee

A fixed fee for the entire contract period.

Regular maintenance

We service your device regularly, ensuring the reliability and validity of its warranty.

No surprises

We guarantee callouts in the event of an emergency, unless it is a warranty claim.

Free spare parts

We guarantee emergency callouts and spare parts after the warranty period.

Flexible conditions

At the end of the rental period, it is possible to continue the rental at preferential conditions, to start a new rental period with a modern heat pump without additional investment, to buy out the equipment or to terminate the contract (free of charge).

We have selected the most popular air source heat pumps from the best known producers

Prices include VAT.

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Buy an air source heat pump in a way that best suits your needs

Outright purchase

The outright purchase of a heat pump includes delivery and installation. Please note that with an outright purchase you are responsible for all maintenance activities and have to cover any costs incurred separately.

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Full-service rental

The monthly fee of full-service rental covers all costs associated with the device. There are no significant upfront costs and you do not have to worry about remembering maintenance times or paying for any unexpected costs associated with potential repairs.

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Hire purchase

To make eco-friendly home heating easier and more accessible, we offer flexible payment through instalments. Repayment term starting from 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The outdoor unit of an air source heat pump draws heat energy from the outside air and uses refrigerant to pump it into the indoor unit located inside the building. The indoor unit then conducts heat to the room by means of a fan.

An air source heat pump is considered as auxiliary heating and is best suited for homes with an already existing main heat source. If the outdoor temperature drops too low, the main heat source can support the air source heat pump.

At the same time, modern air source heat pumps are very efficient and reliable even in cold weather. Some devices operate even at temperatures down to -35 °C. Most air source heat pump models can be used as long as the outdoor temperature falls down to -10 °C to -25 °C.

Depending on the specifics and location, the installation of an air source heat pump takes 3-5 hours, more complex objects may take 1-2 days with preparatory work.

If the device is regularly maintained, properly used and taken care of, the service life of a high-quality heat pump will be 10-15 years or even more.

Often, new and much more economical technology becomes available in ten years. Although your old device may still work, it may no longer be economically viable to use it.

By choosing our , you can be sure that you will always keep up with the latest technology – we will replace your air conditioner every five years at no extra cost!

For efficient operation and a long lifespan, air source heat pumps require filter cleaning at least once a month and technical inspection once a year.

Cleaning the filter is easy and only takes a few minutes. The easiest way is to do it with a small vacuum cleaner nozzle. Your heat pump installer or maintainer can show you how it's done. Tutorial videos are also available online.

Yes, by writing to [email protected]. Otherwise, your device will lose its 5-year warranty.

Depending on the heat pump and its type, it is possible to save up to 80% on heating costs (compared to electric heating). The amount of savings depends on the type of heating currently used, the insulation of the house, the layout, the desired temperature.

In winter, it is 2-3 times cheaper to heat with an air source heat pump than with electricity, but in the spring-autumn period, it is more than five times cheaper.

Timely maintenance and cleaning of the dust filters at least once a month help to maintain the optimal energy consumption of your air source heat pump.

If the operation of your air source heat pump can be monitored from an app, it is advisable to do so, as each raised degree of heat can increase electricity consumption by 5-10%.

For example, in order to produce 5 kWh of heat, an average heat pump consumes only 1 kWh of electricity and the remaining 4 kWh is free heat received from the air.

  • Heating mode – suitable for heating rooms in cold weather
  • Cooling mode – suitable for cooling rooms in hot weather
  • Drying mode – designed to remove moisture from indoors (may only be used at outside temperatures above freezing)
  • Fan mode – creates air circulation
  • Auto mode – maintains a certain indoor temperature (not suitable for winter use, as the device may start to cool the interior; it is dangerous and unnecessarily consumes electricity)
  • It is difficult to give a single answer, as air conditioners and their manufacturers are different. This information is always available in the user guide.

    If a layer of ice has formed on the outdoor unit of an air source heat pump due to high humidity, the reverse process starts. The device draws heat from indoors to defrost the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit. That is why cooler air enters the interior.

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    What is full-service rental of a heat pump?

  • It is a full service based on monthly payments, where the initial investment is made by us and you only pay the monthly payment.
  • The monthly payment is fixed for the entire period and includes emergency callouts and repair costs.
  • You will feel assured that the monthly fee is fixed for the whole period.
  • With full-service rental we value your time and take care of all the important tasks related to using the heat pump.
  • We advise you on choosing the most suitable device.
  • We install the device and provide you with instructions on how to use it.
  • There is no need for a one-time large expenditure to purchase and install the device.
  • We keep track of servicing times and the cost of maintenance is included in the monthly payment.
  • The rental invoice is sent to you conveniently together with the electricity invoice.
  • After five years we will replace your device.
  • Rental conditions (sample offer)

  • Device Samsung Nordic Airise 09 with installation.
  • Suitable for households up to 70 m2.
  • The rental period is 60 months.
  • Contract fee is 0 euros.
  • Monthly fee for full-service rental 65 euros.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the rental agreement (PDF)

    More detailed hire purchase terms and conditions

    You can apply for monthly payments for works and projects costing between € 300 and € 25,000:

  • initial down payment from € 0;
  • contract conclusion fee € 0;
  • contract management fee € 0 per month;
  • first installment from 0%;
  • contract period 4-120 months;
  • contract interest from 7.9%;
  • early termination of the contract with no additional charges.
  • You qualify for monthly payments if you are an Estonian citizen or legal resident of at least 20 years of age, your monthly net income is at least € 280 and you duly perform your financial obligations. The total amount we can allow you for monthly installments depends on your monthly income and liabilities.

    Important information before entering into a contract

    Consider carefully whether hire purchase is an appropriate option based on your needs and financial situation:

  • Before entering into a contract, carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the Contract and ask our customer service for more information, if needed;
  • Think about the size of the risk you can afford. The occurrence of payment difficulties may make it more complicated to obtain a new hire purchase or loan agreement in the future;
  • Once you have signed the contract, read the terms and conditions again. This way you can be sure that you are performing your responsibilities in the right manner and at the right time.
  • Payment of monthly installments

    After concluding the contract, the claim arising from the contract is transferred to AS Inbank. Inbank will start sending you invoices.

    For information on the contract and monthly payments, contact Inbank's customer service:

    Find Inbank's customer service info on their website. Your calls and e-mails are answered from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

    The deadline for the payment of monthly installments is the 12th of each month. In order to pay monthly installments, Inbank sends an e-invoice to your home bank's Internet bank every month.

    If you have not received an e-invoice, fill in an e-invoice order form in your Internet bank. If you wish to make the monthly payments yourself, use Inbank's bank account number and the reference number specified in your contract.

    If you have not paid your monthly installment by the due date, we will send you a reminder. Be aware that late payments will incur costs and an interest will be charged. Find the fees related to late payments in your contract and Inbank's price list. If you have difficulties in performing your obligations, please be sure to contact Inbank as soon as possible, because this way we can find a flexible solution and you will be able to avoid additional costs and court actions.

    Early repayment of the balance

    You can return the balance in full or in part at any time without having to pay interests or other fees. To do this, submit an application to Inbank's customer service, indicating the amount to be returned and the date. We will then send you the final amount due.

    To return the payment balance early, please contact Inbank.

    The credit cost rate of hire purchase is 13.27% per annum under the following model conditions: price of the contract object when immediately paid (net price) € 15,000, credit amount € 12,000, down payment € 3,000, contract period 36 months, fixed interest rate 12.5% per annum based on loan balance, contract fee € 0, monthly payment € 398.98, total cost of credit and total repayments € 17,362.51. The creditor is Inbank AS. Before entering into a contract, carefully read the terms and conditions of the desired contract and, if necessary, consult an expert.

    Air-to-air heat pump price quote conditions

    The quote is valid for 30 days. After accepting the price quote, we will agree with you on the installation time and send you an invoice. 70% of the invoice must be paid before installation of the heat pump and 30% after installation. In the case of hire purchase, the installation time is agreed with you after you accept the price quote and a positive decision is made for your hire purchase application. When purchasing as a full-service lease, the installation time is agreed with you after you accept the price quote.

  • Transport of equipment to the site.
  • Initial start-up and user training of the heat pump.
  • Materials required for installation (insulated copper cold pipes, automation cable between indoor and outdoor units, etc.).
  • Installation of cold piping between the indoor and outdoor unit.
  • Installation of the hubcap for the cold piping.
  • Connecting the power cable brought to the equipment.
  • Drilling of a hole with a diameter of up to 65 mm between the indoor and outdoor unit for cold piping. If the wall thickness is more than 50 cm, an additional fee of 102 € will be added to the installation.
  • Additional work related to installation and transport fee.
  • General construction and finishing work.
  • Fireproofing work.
  • Dredging the piping into the walls.
  • Waterproofing work.
  • Noise measurements.
  • Defrost water kit for frost-proof drainage.
  • Condensate water pump with installation.
  • Electrical quality control of the building.
  • Electrical panel and wiring inspection.
  • Dismantling or disposing of an existing system.
  • Automatic circuit breaker in the electrical panel and connection of cables to the electrical panel.
  • Official approvals, projects or permits required for the installation of equipment.
  • Installation work on weekends, public holidays, or weekdays after 17:00.
  • Project documentation and implementation drawings.
  • We will specify the need for additional work before finalising the order.

    If you purchase the heat pump as a full-service lease, the monthly fee will include regular maintenance once a year, emergency calls if necessary, and replacement of the heat pump with a new one after five years if desired.

    The General Terms and Conditions of the Contract of Services for the Installation of a Heat Pump (PDF) »