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Economical and convenient heating and cooling solution

Air-to-air heat pump

Simple and affordable choice for supportive heating

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Air-to-water heat pump

Economical home heating and hot water

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Economical cooling equipment for a pleasant indoor climate

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For the best performance and a five-year manufacturer's warranty, heat pumps purchased from Enefit need regular maintenance at our partners every year. Unmaintained devices are covered by the standard 2-year warranty in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. To book a maintenance appointment, please fill in the fields below and our authorized partner will contact you.

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All warranty conditions are available here »
Find our air-to-water maintenance pricelist here »
Find our air-to-air maintenance pricelist here »

Why choose a heat pump?

  • Immediate savings
    Up to 80% savings compared to electric heating
  • Safe and convenient
    Forget about firewood, smoke, chimneys and ash, heat comes at the touch of a button
  • Affordable and fast introduction
    Installation takes only 1 to 2 days on average
  • Environmentally friendly heating method
    Heat pumps are very energy-efficient and therefore eco-friendly, helping to reduce your environmental footprint
  • A warm home in winter and cool in summer, 100% worry-free

    For more convenient use, you can get a selection of air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps from us as a full service with all costs linked to the device included in the monthly fee. See the selection and conditions on the pages of the respective heat pump categories.

    Five steps to a warm and environmentally friendly home

    Check out our sample solutions

    Ask for a personal offer

    Together we will find the best solution for you

    Quick and precise installation

    Lower heating costs, smaller environmental footprint and less worry about heating your home

    Our selection includes heat pumps by well-known brands


    Why choose Enefit?

    Very wide product range

    We have over 100 different models of heat pumps, among which we will find the most suitable for you.

    Trustworthy partner

    We have been operating in the energy market for over 80 years and will be with you for years to come. Our experienced sales engineers have advised nearly 10,000 people on heat pumps. We advise on applying for national support measures.

    Reliable quality

    Our selection includes well-known and high-quality brands that have been thoughtfully selected for the Nordic climate, and installation is taken care of by specialists with years of experience.


    We ensure a smooth selection and installation process as well as regular maintenance. A selection of air-to-air or air-to-water heat pumps can also be purchased as a full service with monthly payments, ensuring a 100% worry-free heating solution.

    Complete solution

    In addition, we will offer you a 100% renewable energy electricity package with a 50% smaller margin and no monthly fee. This is a big step towards reducing your environmental footprint.

    Customer feedback

    What I liked most was that I always received quick feedback, and my special wishes were taken into account when installing the heat pump. The choice was made easy by the sample offer with an analysis of electricity consumption and explanation why the offer could be suitable for us. The fact that the offer included a complete solution, starting from the product to installation and financing, certainly proved decisive. I would recommend Enefit because all the administration was pleasant and convenient. We received clear and quick answers to all our questions.


    Chose an air-to-water heat pump

    I was very satisfied with Enefit from the very beginning. The staff was very friendly and cheerful. The contractors and installers were also very kind and friendly - they explained everything to me all the time and acted quickly and effectively. I had previously contacted two other companies with a request to install a heat pump, one of whom visited the site and inspected everything, but I could not continue with them because they did not perform electrical work. But from Enefit, I got all the work at once and at a cheaper price. I recommend Enefit to everyone and have already done so. I definitely give my 10 points!


    Chose two air-to-air heat pumps

    When ordering a heat pump from Enefit, the simplicity of the whole process from the offer to installation left me with a good impression. They were polite and professional. The installers of the equipment also made a very good impression - correct and accurate. The first on-site training was also pleasant and informative enough. I am happy to recommend everyone to consider Enefit as a heat pump seller and installer.


    Chose an air-to-water heat pump

    Soojuspumbad järelmaksuga

    Heat pumps through hire purchase

    The purchase and installation of an energy-efficient heat pump can often require a large initial investment. In order to make eco-friendly home heating easier, we allow flexible payment in instalments.

    More about hire purchase

    Join us on the green journey!

    Everyone's habits have an impact on our path to a cleaner future. Going green means a gradual transition to green electricity. By letting green energy into your life, you reduce your carbon emissions and environmental footprint.

    Explore the possibilities

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