Payment by installments

Pay for energy solutions with smaller monthly patments

Installment calculator

To make it easier to implement energy solutions, we allow flexible payment for works and services in installments. Choose the service you like and calculate the amount of the monthly payment.

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Solar panels / energy storage

Heat pump/
air conditioning

Electrical works

Electric car charging solutions

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25000 €

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Please note. Hire-purchase is a financial obligation that involves additional costs. See the terms and conditions here »

General Terms and Conditions for payments by installments

  • Repayment period 12 months to 10 years.
  • Interest rate from 7.9% per annum calculated on the monthly balance.
  • No additional costs and obligations associated with the contract.
  • • All persons permanently residing in Estonia between the age of 20 and 75 can apply for payments by installments.
  • The applicant must have sufficient solvency to perform the obligation and must not have any outstanding payment defaults.
  • Installments in a few easy steps

    Order the service

    Submit us your service order or ask for a quote.

    Indicate that you wish to pay in monthly installments

    When signing up for the service, tick that you would like to receive a quote for monthly payments or submit a separate request.

    Check out the offer and submit an application

    We offer you a solution based on monthly payments.

    Sign the contract

    You can enter into a contract for the exact amount you need. If you wish, you can make an initial down payment.

    Detailed terms and conditions

    Additional information

    Detailed Terms and Conditions

    You can apply for monthly payments for works and projects costing between € 300 and € 25,000:

  • initial down payment from € 0;
  • contract conclusion fee € 0;
  • contract management fee € 0 per month;
  • first installment from 0%;
  • contract period 4-120 months;
  • contract interest from 7.9%;
  • early termination of the contract with no additional charges.
  • You qualify for monthly payments if you are an Estonian citizen or legal resident of at least 20 years of age, your monthly net income is at least € 280 and you duly perform your financial obligations. The total amount we can allow you for monthly installments depends on your monthly income and liabilities.

    Important information before entering into a contract

    Consider carefully whether hire purchase is an appropriate option based on your needs and financial situation:

  • Before entering into a contract, carefully read the Terms and Conditions of the Contract and ask our customer service for more information, if needed;
  • Think about the size of the risk you can afford. The occurrence of payment difficulties may make it more complicated to obtain a new hire purchase or loan agreement in the future;
  • Once you have signed the contract, read the terms and conditions again. This way you can be sure that you are performing your responsibilities in the right manner and at the right time.
  • Payment of monthly installments

    After concluding the contract, the claim arising from the contract is transferred to AS Inbank. Inbank will start sending you invoices.

    For information on the contract and monthly payments, contact Inbank's customer service:

    Find Inbank's customer service info on their website. Your calls and e-mails are answered from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

    The deadline for the payment of monthly installments is the 12th of each month. In order to pay monthly installments, Inbank sends an e-invoice to your home bank's Internet bank every month.

    If you have not received an e-invoice, fill in an e-invoice order form in your Internet bank. If you wish to make the monthly payments yourself, use Inbank's bank account number and the reference number specified in your contract.

    If you have not paid your monthly installment by the due date, we will send you a reminder. Be aware that late payments will incur costs and an interest will be charged. Find the fees related to late payments in your contract and Inbank's price list. If you have difficulties in performing your obligations, please be sure to contact Inbank as soon as possible, because this way we can find a flexible solution and you will be able to avoid additional costs and court actions.

    Early repayment of the balance

    You can return the balance in full or in part at any time without having to pay interests or other fees. To do this, submit an application to Inbank's customer service, indicating the amount to be returned and the date. We will then send you the final amount due.

    To return the payment balance early, please contact Inbank.

    The credit cost rate of hire purchase is 13.27% per annum under the following model conditions: price of the contract object when immediately paid (net price) € 15,000, credit amount € 12,000, down payment € 3,000, contract period 36 months, fixed interest rate 12.5% per annum based on loan balance, contract fee € 0, monthly payment € 398.98, total cost of credit and total repayments € 17,362.51. The creditor is Inbank AS. Before entering into a contract, carefully read the terms and conditions of the desired contract and, if necessary, consult an expert.

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    Heat pump/air conditioning installment application

    Calculate the most suitable hire purchase solution by determining the desired deposit amount and instalment period.

    The hire purchase amount have already been determined based on the total cost of your solution.

    Select the desired deposit amount and instalment period.

    See the offer and submit the application.