Charging electric cars

Enefit VOLT - Charge your electric car easily and conveniently anywhere

Enefit VOLT charging at home -
the most suitable charging solution for you

Driving an electric car is easy and enjoyable, but selecting a charger and doing electrical work is not always as pleasant. We help you make complicated things simple - from selecting a charger to installing it. Get started and see for yourself!

Select a home charger

Why choose the Enefit VOLT charging solution for your home?

Cheaper together

Charge for 15% less in the fast-charging network for a year and get the Green electricity package on more favourable terms

A future-proof charger

A mobile app for charging coming soon

A fast, high-quality and safe charger

We always provide chargers together with installation

Flexible payment methods

In addition to ordinary purchase, we offer the option to pay in installments

Enefit VOLT public charging

Use the largest Estonian public charging network for electric cars when you are on the move.
Nearly 180 chargers across Estonia for all electric cars.

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Find the nearest charging station, start charging and view your charging history conveniently with the Enefit VOLT app.

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