Electric car charging

We help to make charging electric cars easy and convenient

Modern home chargers from Enefit Volt

Driving an electric car is easy and fun. We also make selecting and installing a home charger just as easy!

We offer high-quality chargers with all the necessary accessories, that can in the future help you schedule charging or sell electricity back to the network.

We support you all the way - from choosing a charger to installing it. Find the most suitable option for your home and electric car!

Get acquainted with home chargers

You can now rent an electric car charger

Charger rental service is for you if you want:

  • a worry-free charging with permanent warranty and maintenance;
  • a professional and convenient turnkey solution;
  • flexible conditions.
  • Learn more about rental service packages

    Why choose the Enefit VOLT charging solution for your home?

    Favorable price

    15% cheaper charging in the public network and the Green Energy package on favorable terms

    Future-proof charger

    A mobile charger app allowing to schedule charging will be available soon

    Fast, high-quality and safe charger

    We always provide chargers together with installation

    Flexible payment methods

    In addition to ordinary purchase, we offer the option to pay in installments

    Join Enefit VOLT public charging!

    Our charging network covers the whole of Estonia and is constantly evolving, offering ultra-fast and fast charging for electric cars from Europe (CCS), Japan (CHAdeMO) and with universal Type2 charging standard.

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    Find the nearest charging station, start charging and view your charging history conveniently with the Enefit VOLT app.

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    Join us on the journey to zero!

    In energy, the green revolution means a gradual transition to green electricity. By letting green energy into your life, you reduce carbon emissions and your environmental footprint.

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