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We can help you with smaller or bigger electrical works

Safety and quality are guaranteed with us

Using electricity properly will bring a lot of good and make life easier. However, the consequences can be quite dangerous if electricity is handled incorrectly.

Therefore, electrical work should only be carried out by trained personnel who are aware of the hazards and know how to use the right techniques.

Need help with a smaller electrical problem?

Need help with a smaller electrical problem?

Experienced electricians at Eesti Energia solve all sorts of problems and get the work done quickly and properly.

Find your problem from the examples below or take a look at the examples to get an idea of the cost of the work.

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Examples of smaller electrical works

Replacement or installation of sockets and electrical switches

We can help if you have a problem with:

  • loose sockets
  • broken power switches
  • loose power cables hanging from the wall
  • Example

    50 €

    Detailed description »

    Installation of electrical equipment or lights

    We can help if you want to:

  • connect an electric stove
  • install a new light
  • move a new power supply to the desired location
  • Example

    110 €

    Detailed description »

    Connecting the house to the metering panel

    We will execute works if:

  • the house is being built, the internal grid is ready and you want to connect the internal switchboard to the metering panel outside using a power cable
  • Example

    320 €

    Monthly payment from 16 €

    Detailed description »

    Apartment switchboard construction

    We can help if:

  • you want to have more control over your electrical installation and build your own switchboard in the apartment
  • Example

    800 €

    Monthly payment from 24 €

    Detailed description »

    Order electrical works
    Looking for a reliable partner for a bigger project?

    Looking for a reliable partner for a bigger project?

    We build new or upgrade existing home electrical systems. We have a lot of experience in completing big projects, we are always accurate and correct.

    For large-scale electrical work, the price is negotiated separately and depends on the nature of the work.

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    Electrical system design and construction

    Electrical system design and installation work is needed by anyone who is building new buildings or renovating existing ones:

  • we help to complete the project documentation,
  • we will build a complete electrical system,
  • we will conduct a technical inspection of the cabling and issuing a certificate that is the basis of connecting the electric cables the electricity network.
  • Electrical system renovation or upgrade to a new power system

    If your home still has an old voltage system (3 x 220V), then we can help you upgrade this. We take on the entire construction process, from the preparation of the project to the execution of the electrical works and connecting the consumption point to the power supply. In recent years, we have rebuilt the electrical systems of hundreds of buildings.

    Interior and exterior lighting upgrade

    We can help if you want to renew old and depreciated lighting systems. Renovation reduces energy costs, maintenance costs and significantly improves lighting quality.

    Heating cable for gutters

    Installing a special heating cable in the gutter will prevent the formation of large icicles. Our electrician does the necessary installation work and thus no longer has to worry about icicles that can endanger human life and health.

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    Check out the detailed price list for electrical works

    Price list of electrical works

    3 steps to solving electrical problems


    Fill out the order form and we will get back to you within two business days. If the solution we offer is suitable, we will agree on a schedule for the work.

    Execution of works

    We will always do the electrical work at the agreed time. If technical obstacles arise during the work that alter the agreed solution and the final price, the electrician will immediately inform you.

    Payment and warranty

    After completing the work, the electrician prepares a report, which lists the volume of work done and the materials used. Eesti Energia provides a two-year guarantee for all electrical works, and we ask that the underlying act be preserved.

    Why order electrical works from Eesti Energia?

  • Guaranteed quality
    We use the best and safest methods, and the work is carried out by experienced specialists of Eesti Energia.
  • 2-aastane garantii
    We can guarantee that we will available when questions might arise.
  • Fast execution
    We are always operative and transparent when communicating and carrying out work.
  • Payment by installments makes it easier to make big purchases

    Eesti Energia offers the possibility to use installments to pay for electricity works. With installments you can pay for the electrical work flexibly and in several parts.

    Terms and conditions »

    Frequently asked questions

    You can do basic electrical works at home, such as changing light bulbs or fastening sockets. More complex works may only be carried out by a qualified electrician with sufficient training and experience. Remember, if you are doing simple electrical work yourself, switch off the electricity before starting.
    Eesti Energia's specialists have extensive work experience. Our electricians all have the proper competency class or operate under the guidance of a person with the appropriate competency class.
    For safety reasons, we recommend that you have your home electrical system inspected every five years, so that electrical system risk points can be identified before the problem becomes more serious. The safety of the electrical system should definitely be checked after any major electrical system rebuild.
    Eesti Energia does not carry out electrical work related to power lines or redesign of metering panels that are located outside of buildings. For such work, please contact your local network company, such as Elektrilevi.

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    Example: replacement of five broken sockets

    Detailed description:

  • Replacement of five broken sockets.
  • The wall socket openings allow the sockets to be properly secured and the cables do not require extension or replacement.
  • Price: 50 €

    Sockets are not included in the price.

    Example: electric stove installation

    Detailed description:

  • Disconnecting the old stove and connecting the new one.
  • Price: 110 €

    The price includes the cost of materials but does not include the disposal of the old stove.

    Example: power line installation

    Detailed description:

  • Installation of the power line if the metering panel is 20 meters from the internal switchboard.
  • Price: 320 €

    The price includes material costs but does not include excavation work.

    Example: construction of switchboard in apartment

    Detailed description:

  • Bringing a power cable from the staircase inside the apartment and building the internal switchboard (12 modules).
  • Price: 800 €

    Price includes work and material costs.

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    Order bigger electrical works

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    We will reply to rush order requests as soon as possible. We will perform the work within the current or the next working day.

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    The price list for electrical works

    Name Price incl. VAT
    First work-hour and consultation in Tallinn (includes up to one hour of work) * 50 € (one electrician)
    First work-hour and consultation outside of Tallinn (includes up to one hour of work) * 40 € (one electrician)
    Work hour (calculated by 15 min accuracy) 36 € / h (one electrician)
    Work after three hours By agreement
    Transportation fee (is added outside Tallinn, Tartu, Rakvere, Pärnu, Jõhvi and Kuressaare) 0,60 € / km
    Rush order. The fee will be added to the working hour price ** 30 €

    * Will be also added to the bill in case of a call without a reason

    ** Rush orders can be filled out only in Tallinn, Harju County, Tartu, Tartu County, Pärnu and Pärnu County, Jõhvi and Ida-Virumaa, Rakvere and Lääne-Virumaa, Kuressaare and Saaremaa

    The working time is calculated every 15 minutes.

    The cost of rental tools may be added to the price.

    One hour in the price list corresponds to the hourly rate per employee. The actual cost of the work depends on the number of persons carrying out the work.