Electricity contract

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Universal service

Price approved by the Competition Authority

19.25 cents/kWh

Monthly fee of €2.02 per month will be added to the price

How is the universal service price determined?

To join the universal service, contact our customer service at 777 4040 (Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat-Sun closed) or [email protected]

How is the universal service price determined?

The price of the universal service is formed in two stages:

  • Firstly, the Competition Authority approves the producer price of the universal service, which is based on the costs of Enefit Power's power plants. The producer price includes the price of oil shale, the price of CO2, environmental fees, labor costs, repair costs, etc.
  • To the producer price, reasonable costs, reasonable business profit and VAT are added by the energy seller. This makes up the final price of the universal service for the customer. Final price may differ from seller to seller.
  • Producer price Seller's marginal Final price
    February 18.80 cents/kWh 0.45 cents/kWh 19.25 cents/kWh
    January 18.80 cents/kWh 0.45 cents/kWh 19.25 cents/kWh
    December 18.49 cents/kWh 0.44 cents/kWh 18.93 cents/kWh
    November 18.49 cents/kWh 0.44 cents/kWh 18.93 cents/kWh
    October 18.49 cents/kWh 0.44 cents/kWh 18.93 cents/kWh
    September 18.49 cents/kWh 0.44 cents/kWh 18.93 cents/kWh
    August 18.49 cents/kWh 0.75 cents/kWh 19.24 cents/kWh
    July 18.49 cents/kWh 0.75 cents/kWh 19.24 cents/kWh
    June 18.49 cents/kWh 0.75 cents/kWh 19.24 cents/kWh
    May 18.49 cents/kWh 0.75 cents/kWh 19.24 cents/kWh
    April 18.49 cents/kWh 0.75 cents/kWh 19.24 cents/kWh
    March 18.49 cents/kWh 0.75 cents/kWh 19.24 cents/kWh

    Monthly fee of €2.02 per month will be added to the price.

    Price includes VAT

    Seasonal Secure

    An electricity package that has an affordable exchange price in the summer, a fixed price in the winter and electrical equipment insurance for a whole year.

    Why choose the Seasonal Secure package?

    With this package, you will have an affordable exchange price from April to September. From October to March, the period when exchange prices can go through the roof, your peace of mind will be ensured by a green fixed price. At the same time, the price is always at least as affordable as in the Fixed 6 package.

    The Seasonal Secure package also includes an insurance solution that protects your electrical equipment from damage caused by lightning, electrical failures or overload.

    The package is suitable for you if:

  • you also use electricity in the winter for heating,
  • you want to make the most of the seasonal price difference.
  • Fixed

    Fixed kWh price

    Why should you choose the Fixed package?

    With the Fixed package, you will fix your electricity price for 6 to 36 months, during which the kWh price of electricity on your bill will be the same every month. Price fluctuations in the electricity exchange will have no effect on your bill.

    The package is suitable for you if:

  • electricity costs form a considerable part of your budget;
  • you want to be protected against price rises.
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    Fixed kWh price

    Why choose the Green package?

    Green energy is our common future energy. By letting green energy into your life, you reduce your carbon emissions and environmental footprint. Join us on the journey towards a cleaner future – today, the green energy package has already been chosen by 51 000 customers!

    The package is suitable for you if:

  • clean nature is important for you
  • you wish to contribute to keeping the nature clean
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    Nord Pool Spot price

    Why should you choose the Exchange package?

    In the Exchange package, the price of electricity depends completely on the exchange price. The exchange price changes every hour as a combined result of many factors. You can conveniently view the next day's exchange prices from our mobile app.

    The package is suitable for you if:

  • you want to take full advantage of cheaper prices, but are also prepared for when prices are higher;
  • you want to shift your electricity consumption to times when the price is the lowest.
  • Conclude the contract


    Price cent / kWh

    Three steps to signing an electicity contract

    You moved to a new place of residence
    and you do not have a network contract.

    Sign a network contract

    The network contract must be signed with the network operator of your area. Mostly that operator is Elektrilevi.

    The network contract is valid

    Consent to use of data

    To prepare an offer, we need access to your consumption data. It can be done on the website of the transmission network operator Elering's.

    The network contract is valid.

    Sign the electricity contract

    Once you have completed the steps above, you can sign an electricity contract in our e-service.

    I'll start over here

    Changing the electricity contract is fast and easy

    If you wish to change your valid electricity contract, you can do it in the e-service with just a few clicks. There you will see the address of the consumption point, the duration of the current electricity contract, the price of electricity for every consumed kilowatt-hour and the available electricity packages.

    Change package

    Small producer's package

    A small producer is an electricity producer who produces electricity for their home, for example with solar panels that have a net capacity of up to 1000 kW.

    The electricity produced at home is first used on-site at your place of consumption. If self-production is not enough, you can buy more electricity from the network.

    If you produce more electricity than you consume, you can sell the excess electricity to us.

    Read more

    Dof the electricity market

    How does the open electricity market work? What influences the price of electricity? What was the price of the general service last month?

    On electricity market and prices

    Green Energy

    You can choose 100% Green Energy with all of our electricity packages.

    Go Green

    Offers from our partners

    A contract with Enefit comes with perks. We offer a variety of partner deals throughout the year.

    Parner offers

    Mobile app

    When choosing the Exchange package, you can keep an eye on the price fluctuations with Enefit's mobile app.

    More on our app

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    Green Energy

    Where does Green Energy come from?

    Green Energy is produced from 100% renewable energy sources, mainly solar, wind and hydropower. We either produce the Green Energy ourselves or buy it from other European electricity producers.

    Why is Green Energy good?

    By purchasing Green Energy, you are influencing the development of electricity generation to better preserve the environment and make better use of existing natural resources. The greater the number of Green Energy customers, the greater the share of renewable energy in electricity generation and the less carbon dioxide emitted by electricity production.

    Go Green »

    Equal Package

    With the Equal package, the electricity price is fixed and regardless of whether you consume a bit less one month and more during another month, your electricity bill is even throughout the months. For Elektilevi network customer, the Equal payment package includes both electricity as well as network service fees and state taxes. If your network service provider is not Elektrilevi, we can only offer you the equal package for the cost of electricity.

    Calculating equal payment

    We calculate the level of equal payment for each client personally, considering the twelve-month consumption forecast. In order to make a correct consumption forecast, we need at least 6 months of consumption history and the data of the network package from Elektrilevi customer.

    However, if there is not enough data initially to calculate the equal payment or the monthly invoice is too small, it is still possible to conclude an electricity contract for Equal package. In such way, the insurance will immediately apply, and the equal payment will be applied once all the necessary conditions have been met.

    Change of equal payment

    We monitor constantly for you that the difference between equal payments and actually spent electricity would not grow too big. If this happens, we will change the equal payment on an ongoing basis. Every twelve months, when there is a difference between an equal payment and actual consumption, we take that into account when calculating a new equal payment. All in all, you pay only for the electricity you have actually consumed.

    Suspension of equal payment

    Equal payments cannot be applied temporarily if:

  • the customer has overdue invoices. Equal payment will automatically apply from next month, once all invoices have been paid.
  • consumption is too small to find an equal payment. If consumption should increase over time, equal payment will be applied automatically. During this time, the billing will be based on the electricity consumed at a price fixed in your electricity contract.
  • Ending or changing the Equal package

    If you decide to end or change the Equal package and if you have paid us more than you have actually consumed electricity, then this amount will be kept as pre-payment. If you would like us to transfer the amount to a bank account, please contact our customer service. However, if you have consumed more than you have paid, the difference will be reflected in the next electricity bill.