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The price of the universal service is formed in two stages.​

  • First of all, the Competition Authority approves the producer price for the universal service based on the costs of Enefit Power's power plants. The producer price includes the price of oil shale, the price of CO2, environmental charges, labour costs, repair costs, etc.​
  • Electricity seller's justified costs related to the provision of the service, a reasonable business profit and value added tax are added to the producer price. This is how the final price of the universal service for customers is determined. The final price may vary by electricity supplier. The price may change every month.
  • We make sure that the transition to the universal service be as worry-free as possible for customers.

  • If your current electricity package is more expensive than the universal service price, we will automatically transfer you to the universal service. We will definitely let you know about it by letter. If you don't want us to transfer you automatically, you can let us know after you have received the letter.
  • If your current electricity package is at a cheaper price than the universal service price, Eesti Energia will continue to perform your contract at the agreed price and nothing will change for you. If you wish, you can still choose the universal service.
  • We recommend that all customers for whom electricity costs make up a large part of their monthly budget, consider choosing a fixed-price plan.

    Fixing the price of electricity is the fastest-acting thing that everyone can do to better plan their electricity costs for the upcoming difficult winter. Two thirds of Eesti Energia's customers have already fixed their electricity prices. It is possible to fix the price for six months up to seven years. The longer the contract period you choose, the cheaper the price.

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    General service means that you have not entered into an electricity contract with any specific electricity supplier. In this case, the supply of electricity is the responsibility of your network operator. If a network operator has more than 100,000 customers, as is the case with Elektrilevi, the network operator may not engage in electricity sales itself, but must appoint a seller. The seller appointed by Elektrilevi is Eesti Energia.

    So far, the base price of the general service has been based on the average stock exchange price of all home consumers on the general service. From 1.10.2022, the principles of universal service pricing for home consumers have changed, which means that if until now the base price of the universal service was based on the average stock exchange price, now the base price is based on the producer price.

    You don't need to do anything to switch to the universal service. The change will take place automatically.

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