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There is no single reason but a combination of factors. This year, the demand for electricity has been high both in winter, when it was frosty, and in summer, when electricity was used for cooling purposes. The economic environment is also active – consumption is 8% higher than last year.

All electricity consumed by customers is purchased from the joint Nordic-Baltic electricity market. This means that the price of electricity is formed not only by which power plants operate in Estonia but in the region as a whole.

This year, there has been less wind and less rainfall for hydropower in our market area. Higher production loads have fallen on gas and coal-fired power plants whose net costs are higher. This is due both to the higher price of CO2 and to the multiple increase in the price of gas. To put it simply – if cheap power plants can't work, more expensive ones will have to do it.

The change in the stock exchange price only applies to those customers who have chosen a package based on the stock exchange price.

If you have the Variable package, you should be aware of stock prices so that you can reap the benefits of lower prices and reduce your consumption at higher prices.

If you have chosen a fixed-price package, such as the Fixed or Equal, you are not affected by price fluctuations on the stock exchange and the price risk is borne by your electricity seller.

You can view and change your electricity package in Eesti Energia's e-service »

In the Variable Package, the price of electricity depends entirely on the stock exchange price. The price of electricity changes every hour on the stock exchange due to a combination of many factors. You can most conveniently keep an eye on the electricity exchange prices with the Eesti Energia mobile app.

With the Fixed Package, you can fix your price of electricity for up to three years – this way you know that during that period, the price of a kilowatt-hour of electricity will be the same on your bill each month, and price fluctuations on the electricity exchange do not affect your electricity bill.

In the Equal Package, the price of electricity is fixed and your electricity bills are the same each month, helping you to better plan your expenses. We will personally find an equal payment for you, taking into account your twelve-month consumption forecast. The package includes free insurance for electrical equipment and power failures.

When choosing a suitable package, think about whether you are ready to take the risk of electricity price fluctuations or perhaps you want to leave it to your electricity seller? If you prefer not to take risks, the Fixed or Equal packages are right for you.

You can read more about our electricity packages on Eesti Energia's website. If you have any problems, use our handy package selection assistant.

We issue invoices until the 12th of each month. Whether or not an electricity bill has been issued, you can check from the e-service. Regardless of when the invoice was issued, the payment deadline is always 14 days.

For reasonableness and sustainability, Eesti Energia does not issue bills with the amount of less than three euros. We will only issue a bill if the total amount exceeds the three euro limit.

You can conveniently see whether a bill has already been issued to you or not in the e-service and mobile app. You can order a reminder in the app about the arrival of a bill and the due date.

Due to an error in the updating of Elektrilevi's metering data information systems, the issuance of bills to some customers may be delayed for a month or more. Elektrilevi informs the customers affected by such errors, in which case we recommend that you make a payment in the amount of your previous month, if possible. We will bill you as soon as the error is corrected.

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